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DID YOU KNOW PHYSICAL THERAPY TREATS VERTIGO? -In physical therapy, we treat vertigo every day, did you know that? The approach, however can be widely different depending on the type of vertigo (or dizziness). -In this video we discuss different types of vertigo and how we handle them here at […]

Did you Know Physical Therapy Treats Vertigo?

Have you tried cupping? This great technique creates a vacuum to modify tissue, fasica, and muscle in an effort to reduce swelling, discomfort, or range of motion limitations. Learn about how this can help, and how we use it at Chandler Physical Therapy! Chandler Physical Therapy is a family owned […]

Cupping: What is it and how can it help?

COVID certainly has been a fun time, all around the world, but universally, we are seeing masks wearing becoming the norm. While helping protect folks, this can come with it’s own set of complications. From shorter breathing, to mouth breathing, to posturing to anxiety, TMJ issues and more, masks can […]

The Consequences of Wearing A Mask: Pain in the Time ...