Chandler Physical Therapy is Dedicated to Serving the Active Adults of the Chandler, Arizona Community to Get Them Back to Their Working Best!

We here at Chandler Physical Therapy want to personally thank you for checking us out! When it comes to physical therapy, we know there are plenty of options available to you and we are truly appreciative of the chance to show you who we are! A little about us: Chandler Physical Therapy was established in 2012 by husband and wife team Eric and Ashley Christensen. They had a dream of offering a higher level or care and customer service and are driven to deliver that every day. We treat the active adults in the Chandler area from top to bottom – we are different from other clinics in that we not only treat your symptoms, but the origin of your symptoms as well. You can expect a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan that incorporates a blend of manual, hands on therapy, with specifically prescribed therapeutic exercises catered to your particular condition. We are constantly striving to raise the expectations of physical therapy service. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to call us at: (480)-786-4969 OR you can request to speak to us one-on-one HERE.

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What other patients are saying about Chandler Physical Therapy:

“When I first started I was unable to do much work with my left hand due to severe pain in my left shoulder. Over the course of treatment here I have been able to get back using my left hand and my left shoulder is healed (nearly) and the pain has all but gone! I am able to get back to my gym and do the free weight shoulder presses without much effort.”

-Arnab, Chandler, AZ

“I hurt my rt shoulder in a fall and had a lot of pain when I put my arm back or moved it a certain way. After PT, I have no pain at all and everyone was very good. Savannah was excellent with my PT.”

-Iris, Phoenix, AZ

“This was my first experience with PT and wondered if it would help, but today the feet, knees and thighs and hips are so much looser and I feel stronger with no pain in and around my right knee. The exercises were great and easy to repeat at home. I still have issues with one toe but have the knowledge now to keep working on flexibility. I felt ‘old’ coming in with loss of strength and range and on walking out feeling stronger and back to my self.”

-Jeanne, Chandler, AZ

“I started physical therapy before my surgery. We worked on increasing strength. After surgery, we worked on range of motion and balance. I have seen a lot of improvement but there is still more to do. I will work on the exercises on the sheets I have been given. Eric is the complete professional. He continually checked my progress and adjusted therapy as needed. Overall, a good experience.”

-Walter, Chandler, AZ

“I was reluctant to do PT since a steroid injection relieved my pain. However I fell like I gained strength, stability and most importantly knowledge to be proactive with continued exercise and good form to prevent future issues. Staff was very helpful & informative, and I was motivated to get stronger. Chandler PT goes above and beyond. I recommend highly. :)”

-Jean, Chandler, AZ

“Before coming here I could not sleep in my bed!! Dr. Savannah, Chris, and Danny helped me reach that goal in 2 weeks (it had been 8 months). Keep doing what you do, you are a blessing.”

-Lisa, Phoenix, AZ

“After neck surgery I returned to normal activity but started having problem with my back. Two weeks into physical therapy my back “went out.” In the months since then I am back to where I was prior to surgery and am confident I’ll be back to skiing the slopes in no time.”

-Kevin, Mesa, AZ

“I have had good results from my vertigo problem and now my neck and upper back-shoulder area is better. Everyone has been very good to me. I have had excellent physical therapy.”

-Sharon, Phoenix, AZ

“Unable to do things with my left arm after a fall. Therapy helped with mobility and strength. Great staff– friendly and very knowledgeable.”

-Stacy, Tempe, AZ

“Excellent therapists. Did a superb job helping me with arthritis.”

-Bruce, Tempe, AZ

“Amazing. Savannah is amazing. She knows how to find the spots that hurt.”

-Cody, Phoenix, AZ

“It’s been a fantastic experience from beginning to end. My left knee rarely hurts, my back is pain free, and my neck has greatly increased movement and flexibility. Score 11/10.”

-Johnny, Gilbert, AZ

“Once again I am back to my “normal” thanks to Eric and team. I have much less back and knee pain and am comfortable with continuing stretches and exercises at home. Best PT clinic ever!”

-Beth, Tempe, AZ

“I was referred to Chandler PT by several of my friends who have had successful outcomes and excellent satisfaction with your PTs. I was treated briefly by Ashley until Jen took over my treatment. As I have told Jen, I have been extremely pleased with her professionalism, great skills, and personality. She has always encouraged me to give my best effort during the PT sessions, and to do the same at home. With her expertise, I believe I have achieved a full recovery with my right shoulder rotator cuff and the torn bicep muscle. I will definitely recommend Chandler PT to my friends and others.”

-Bill, Tempe, AZ

“I came to gain mobility, strength, and flexibility prior to surgery. I was not even aware of how debilitated I had become from chronic illnesses. Jen, Chris, Danny, Savannah –the whole team– helped me try new movements and exercises and helped my confidence as much as my strength! My story doesn’t end here… It is just the beginning. On Monday, total hip replacement. I’ll be back! Can’t thank you enough for the help, support, tips, hacks, and list of exercises, and helpful techniques!”

-Theresa, Chandler, AZ

“It hurt to run and occasionally to walk because of the bursitis in my hip. I was very impressed with the quality and completeness of the evaluation that Savannah gave me. The treatments were effective from the start and as I worked on exercises at home and the clinic I felt more in control of my recovery. Even though the treatments were uncomfortable sometimes, it was always fun because Savannah and Chris were positive, encouraging, engaging, and fun!”

-Lara, Chandler, AZ

“Was using a cane after tearing my IT band and pulled glute muscle. Saw another PT but wanted a more progressive, comprehensive approach that was customized. Thank you for helping me recover.”

-Ena, Tempe, AZ

“I have returned several times for therapy for many problems– knees, knee replacement, and this time for hip pain. I have always been happy with the attentiveness, strategies, and hands-on work that is incorporated into my therapy.”

-Dorothy, Phoenix, AZ

“My therapist, Jen, is awesome. She has worked with me quite a while. My heel pain from the bone spur is now manageable. The exercises I have to continue to do are most helpful. Thanks, Jen!!”

-Marta, Chandler, AZ

“I passed!! I feel great! When I started I had a huge limp, and a lot of pain. Savannah is wonderful, she is amazing! I really liked how everyone worked together! I am back to working out and walking. I have a busy life and can enjoy it without pain. Thank you.”

-Sally, Apache Junction, AZ

“I was recommended by a friend to come see Eric and the team for a persistent lower back pain/injury that occured 3 ½ years ago. AFter many years of seeing a chiropractor and going to 360 Physical Therapy I still was ending back in the place of pain, discomfort and fear of being able to do normal activities. I can now say after completing treatment at Chandler Physical Therapy I feel confident that I can function normally and am headed in the direction of complete healing with no lower back issues. Thank you so much for your wisdom, guidance, time and care.”

-Brigette, Chandler, AZ

“I came in with a sore back and super-stiff hamstrings. Couldn’t remember the last time I could touch my toes. Savannah treated these issues with stretches, dry needling, and exercises. I now have no real back pain, and can touch my toes! Very happy with my stronger core, legs, and back!”

-Kevin, Chandler, AZ

“I had severe pain before having meniscus surgery. The pain lessened but I had limitations such as going up and down stairs, walking any distance or walking on uneven ground. Since PT, I’m able to do all of these things plus I could see a change in the range of motion in my knee each week. Chandler Physical Therapy is a great place to rehab. The staff is very professional, accommodating, and such fun to work with. Eric is the best therapist ever. He’s always concerned about you, explains everything well an works hard helping you to reach your goal.”

-Kathy, Chandler, AZ

“This was my third experience receiving therapy from Chandler Physical Therapy. First back, then neck and, last, my knee after knee surgery. Jake got me on track with my flexibility strength , great results. Always recommend CPT — the team is great to be around while they are putting you through the exercises. Great communication, take home worksheets to continue the good work. Highly recommend Jake. Great communicator and make you feel like you are his priority.”

-Terry, Chandler, AZ

“:)” -Corey, Chandler, AZ

“This was my first experience with PT and wondered if it would help but today the knees, feet, thighs and hips are so much looser and I feel stronger with no pain in and around my right knee. The exercises were great and easy to repeat at home. I still have issues with one toe but have the knowledge now to keep working on flexibility. I felt ‘old’ coming in with loss of strength and range and am walking out feeling stronger and back to myself.”

-Jeanne, Chandler, AZ

“Before coming here I occasionally had severe pain with certain movements. Even though I am 70 years old most of my movements have no pain & none have severe pain. I am totally satisfied with all my interactions with Chandler Physical Therapy.”

-Cherie, Mesa, AZ

“Came in with a problem. Left with the problem solved.”

-Lou, Chandler, AZ

“I have been able to resume all of my activities. I have enjoyed my experience working with the staff, they are fantastic. The individual exercises have greatly improved my flexibility and mobility; I am back to where I was prior to my hip replacement.”

-Michael, Chandler, AZ

“Trouble with IT band and Plantar Fasciitis! Therapy went great and with exercises also at home I am doing much better. Also having knee issue with pain, putting off knee replacement. Since therapy, a lot of discomfort was helped by the physical therapy as well!”

-Mary, Chandler, AZ

“The assessment and PT were helpful as it did address and relieve and eliminate the vertigo/dizziness symptoms. The exercises helped with range of motion, relaxation and flexibility – I will need to keep up with it!”

-Sally, Chandler, AZ

“Before coming here I could barely walk because of the severe pain in my right hip and leg. Today I am walking out of here with absolutely no trouble walking at all – all due to the excellent care given to me by Jennifer and the entire PT crew. Spooner and 360 couldn’t make me feel this welcome! This is absolutely the best crew from the front desk with Caitlin who is amazing to the entire back office, specifically Jennifer, and all the other PT crew. I would absolutely recommend the PT crew to anyone.”

-Jackie, Chandler, AZ

“Was very pleased with my experience at Chandler Physical Therapy. My pain has been alleviated and am much more comfortable doing my activities, especially golf. Jake was great.”

-Jim, Chandler, AZ

“When I first came to Chandler Physical Therapy, it was several months after I had done something to injure my knee. I have arthritis in my knees and a torn meniscus that cannot be improved with surgery. I have been trying to continue to do activities I enjoy such as tennis, martial arts, and hiking but with modifications. Jen helped me to strengthen all of my major leg muscles so that I am able to do the activities I enjoy without pain. I am slowly easing back into my activities but feel a lot stronger. Jen was a huge help. She is a knowledgeable and caring therapist. Thanks!”

-Amy, Chandler, AZ

“I been a great experience with everyone.”

-Bettina, Chandler, AZ

“Before therapy I could barely use my left arm. I could not elevate it above shoulder level and I could not carry or lift anything with it. I was in extreme pain by the end of day at work. I regained almost full mobility in my arm. I can reach above my head without difficulty. I can make it through my work day with only modest discomfort. The staff at Chandler PT has been great. They have helped me make a complete recovery after surgery.”

-David, Chandler, AZ

“I was a patient here about 1 ½ years ago for a stiff shoulder. That therapy was very successful. This fall I began having some trouble with a knee popping. It wasn’t severe, but I wanted to prevent it getting worse and help it get better. I chose to come here and not go to the MD since it was mild. The treatment has been effective in strengthening my knee. I now understand the condition better and how to avoid some future issues. The exercise instruction has been clear. It has helped to repeat them while here to verify I am doing them right. I am very satisfied with the care here and would definitely recommend this to friends.”

-Pam, Chandler, AZ

“I have rheumatoid arthritis along with slight osteoarthritis but with meds can usually get along pretty well. But started having many problems with my right knee. It was constantly swollen and several times I was unable to walk at all. The physical therapy worked wonders. Danny explained how I needed to strengthen my leg muscles and showed me how to work them or exercise them to make the muscles strong. All the swelling has gone down and I feel so much better. Thanks!”

-Pamela, Chandler, AZ

“Great experience overall. Lot of personal attention. The whole team is very positive and encouraging which allows you to push a little more. It’s a busy lace at times but someone will always listen to you. All your questions are welcome and are dealt with. Thanks for all the effort and make it easier for me to keep coming.”

-Nikhil, Chandler, AZ

“When I first started physical therapy, my knee was very swollen and could barely walk. By the end of my shift I would be wheelchaired to my car. I could not even walk ½ a block. At this point I am now able to walk seven miles. Physical Therapy has helped me come closer to healing. As we get older it is very important to keep moving. Physical Therapy helps you keep moving to help heal.”

-Susan, Chandler, AZ

“Danny was my PT and very pleased with my progress. I am able to do more activities with the help of Danny, which he alleviated the pain I was having in my knee/leg. Now, I am able to walk up and down a flight of stairs like normal people instead of taking one step at a time. Chris, Danny, and Jason were also included in my recovery from pain. The staff is awesome, friendly, and very professional and shows compassion for all of their patients. I am so impressed with the outcome from my PT, Danny, and the staff! This is my 3rd/4th time at CPT and I wouldn’t go any place else! CPT staff ROCKS!!”

-Lois, Chandler, AZ

“When I first came to Chandler PT I was in chronic knee pain. Sitting, standing, sleeping, and any type of physical exercise was super painful. My first long term experience with PT has been super positive. I no longer have chronic pain and now I am working toward my goals of jumping and getting back to recreational activities. Thank you beyond these words!!!”

-Carne, Chandler, AZ

“This is my 10th surgery and corresponding PT program. I really felt that Jen listened and understood my needs as the recovery was not going as planned. The ups and downs with my recovery were frustrating, but other PTs might not have been so flexible with changing the plan for the day. After about 2 months, I’m feeling great and I’m prepared to do my own strengthening program at home. I’ve never been given a discharge gift before nor exercise bands, but both make me feel like a valuable patient. Thanks MC.”

-Michael, Chandler, AZ

“When I began working with Chandler Physical Therapy I had only a slight idea of what was causing my shoulder pain. Not only that, but everything I tried on my own to help myself recover seemed to backfire and make the problem worse. CHandler Physical Therapy and its awesome staff helped me figure out what was wrong and helped me get on track to recover. Now I can finally participate in sports and go to the gym again without pain. I would recommend Chanler PT to anyone looking for a Physical Therapist.”

-Nathaniel, Chandler, AZ

“This experience has been great! When I began therapy with these wonderful, caring, kind PTs I could comfortably walk with a walker following knee replacement. I was trying to use a cane, and they helped with that and beyond. Now I can walk unassisted! My stiffness has subsided, especially if I continue my ‘homework’ exercises. I’ll return next year after replacement of my other knee.”

-Andra, Chandler, AZ

“After falling (some time ago) I experienced increasing neck discomfort and tightness – and hurting elbow. Coming to Chandler Physical Therapy and experiencing the thoughtful and wise explanations and treatments by Eric and staff have helped very much. A big thank you to Eric and staff.”

-Petra, Chandler, AZ

“About seven years ago, I injured my lower back playing hockey and never got it properly fixed. Two years ago, I re-injured the same injury. I finally came to CHandler PT to help my lower back because the pain was becoming too much. The care I received from Jen and the tech crew was fantastic. They were able to re-strengthen and heal my afflicted lower back that has been hurting for over seven years. I am able to travel comfortable, lift, sleep, walk, and most importantly, play hockey with no pain. I am super grateful and thankful to Chandler OT for all their help and support. I would gladly recommend Chandler PT to anyone who needs physical help. Thank you so much Jen and the Chadler PT team!”

-Ashley, Chandler, PT

“I am at 7 out of 24 or more months for recovery from spinal surgery. At this point I needed more exercises than what I was doing the first 6 months. Very satisfied with progress from Chandler Physical Therapy (Danny).”

-Mikell, Chandler, AZ

“I came in with severe knee and hip pain. Savannah was absolutely awesome! She was very thorough and professional. After just 6 weeks, I had made so much progress and the pain level was down dramatically and my flexibility was much improved. I would recommend CPT and Savannah without hesitation.”

-Greg, Chandler, AZ

“I had surgery on my torn labrum, and the next day I was in here working on rehab. At first everything was tough but they took it slow and made sure I wasn’t feeling any pain. If there was pain, he would ease off and take a mental note of it to make sure it wouldn’t be as intense the next time. Everyone here knows your name and was willing to help you out. The environment was great and upbeat so it made you enjoy the therapy. I can now move my arm as well as I should be able to, and, if not, I’m ore ahead of schedule then I should be. I appreciated everything everybody did to make sure I was taken care of!”

-Jackson, Chandler, AZ

“Gave myself tennis elbow using my laptop computer on my lap. When I lost enough strength that I feared dropping my tea pot I came to see Savannah. Exercises, hands on work + some needles and I’m pretty much back to normal. Very pleased.”

-Karin, Tempe, AZ

“When I arrived at Chandler PT I was essentially unable to use my right shoulder. I could not lift more than a salt shaker. I had significantly reduced range of motion which limited my ability to perform basic household tasks, like cleaning and things like yard work were completely out of the question. Throwing a ball was also a non-starter. At this point I have regained almost full range of motion and have no pain, only stiffness and I will be continuing to press on to get completely back to normal. Really want to thank Jaked, Danny, and Chris for their efforts in getting me back to this point. They are diligent, caring, capable folks that always made sure I was doing exercises correctly and thoroughly to get the most benefit. Great people that did a great job!”

-Kirk, Chandler, AZ

“Due to a car accident, I injured my right knee. I came into physical therapy for the first time with a knee brace and not a clue what I was walking into. Everyone was very welcoming and kind. They took it slow and gave me challenges to help increase my confidence in knee activity. It was a pleasure coming in every week. And now I have a healed leg and am able to od all activity :).”

-Maya, Chandler, AZ

“My second time around Chandler PT had been just as excellent as the first. From starting out not even being able to lift my arm above my head, to being able to now resume physical activity, I am grateful for the help from the CHandler PT staff in their assistance to returning me back to a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for everything!”

-Brandon, Chandler, AZ

“ I was in a car accident that injured my left shoulder. It hurt to do simple things like put my hair in a ponytail or drive a car. Thanks to Jake and Chris, Danny, and Jason, my my shoulder is doing a lot better I’m able to do all of the normal things I could before the accident. Coming to Physical Therapy was never a chore. The team here made it fun and entertaining while still always heading towards my recovery goal. A++, would (and do) recommend. I’m going to miss all the friendly faces and I hope not to e back soon, but if I get injured again I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

-Mary, CHandler, AZ

“I had tendonitis in one shoulder. It was difficult to lift that arm or hold any objects in it Over the course of my time at CHandler Physical Therapy, I met with both Eric and Jake. They and all the other techs did a great job of providing exercises to loosen and strengthen my shoulder, while always explaining each technique and its purpose. The shoulder now feels great and I have full use of it. I couldn’t be happier with my results.”

-Todd, Chandler, AZ

“Thank you for all the help.Very Limited when I first came here; I have come a long way. Thank you!”

-John, Chandler, AZ

“I had hurt my right knee that had severe osteoarthritis and Eric and the team gave me outstanding therapies that eliminated the pain. In addition, my legs and hip muscles are stronger, which will prevent another injury.”

-Bob, Chandler, AZ

“Let me start by telling you this place is wonderful and has such amazing staff. The appointments were very accessible with plenty of flexibility. When I started coming here I had difficulty just locking up or lifting my left arm. Over the past few weeks these symptoms have completely improved to the point where I can finally reach for a cup or open my car door. My pain went from 10+ to 0. If it wasn’t for the physical therapist I wouldn’t have been able to improve myself. Thank you all!”

-Juana, Chandler, AZ

“My experience at this facility has been nothing short of outstanding. Every staff member has been incredible in my journey to being pain free. For over two months, I’ve been coming to Chandler Physical Therapy for my wrist injury. At the time, I could barely turn the keys to my car without feeling excruciating pain. I had trouble lifting anything above a few pounds, including groceries and textbooks. Even sleeping was difficult because the pain was absolutely unbearable. After a couple weeks have PT here, the pain levels dropped from an 8 to a 3. I was able to go throughout my day without pain medication and go back to work with very little to no pain at the end of PT. I would like to thank everyone, Marley, April, Jason, Cris, Danny, Savannah, Jake, Ryan, SHannon, and especially Eric for making my experience here the best PT experience ever!”

-Vincent, Chandler, AZ

“Very satisfied-helpful-doing well. Good instruction, easy to follow. Staff polite and helpful.”

-Ann, Chandler, AZ

“When I first went to this physical therapy, I was nervous about what they were going to do. Some activities I could not do were running, playing fun games in gym class, couldn’t ride my bike or wear my favorite shoes. The first appointment was where one of the staff wanted to see what was wrong. The next appointment is where they did different exercises to see what would help my knee. After a few appointments, my knee started feeling better, but still could not do any fun activity. After a few weeks, my knee stopped hurting and I could finally do things again. 6/18/18 was my last day and I went biking the night before. My knee felt much better. I am happy that I am able to do things now.”

-Serene, Chandler, AZ

“When I came in, I could barely walk, could not bend over or put on shoes and socks without help. With the help of the staff at Chandler Physical Therapy, I am pain free and able to do all my normal activities, including playing hockey. Eric quickly identified my problem and my therapy really helped me get back to a normal life. Thank you all!”

-Anthony, Chandler, AZ

“I absolutely loved my experience with ALL of the staff. I procrastinated seeking treatment for a calf injury-but in hindsight-that was a bad decision. The care, treatment, and friendliness of CHandler PT exceeded my expectations. I m pain free. 🙂 You guys rock!”

-Michelle, Chandler, AZ

“I have been here in the past. Eric and the entire team from the front desk and teh pT assistants create the perfect experience for you to learn and master the corrective exercises for ou to get well. Eric’s sli;; and care to get you well and functional for activities of daily living is the key to his success as a therapist.”

-Allen, Chandler, AZ

“Before I started. I couldn’t drive, work, go out with family/friends, it felt like I couldn’t do anything. To add to my frustration, doctors couldn’t tell me what was wrong. A friend of mine recommended physical therapy and I found Chandler PT. During my time here, I had the privilege to work with all 4 therapists. They were patient with me and didn’t rush me. The whole office is always full of smiles and laughter and that really is the best environment for healing. I’m back to life now thanks to Chandler Physical Therapy. Thank you all!”

-Jessica, Chandler, AZ

“Had a knee replacement. Got me back into shape on knee that was replaced. Actually in better shape than other. Great outfit! Recommend highly. Have been to other PT facilities and this is the best. Everyone, I mean everyone, showed compassion and empathy for my condition. Again, if you want the best, you should come here with the best!”

-Frederick, Chandler, AZ

“I come to Chandler Physical Therapy with extreme nerve pain, lower back both side, I was given exercises and hand therapy which helped improve my movement and reduce the pain. The dry needle treatment made a vast difference and gave me lasting relief-Eric and staff were wonderful to my needs. I would highly recommend CPT to everyone! Thanks Eric.”

-Noam, Chandler, AZ

“My journey at Chandler PT (and with Dr. Jakek) began when I had my hip replaced. So 4 days after surgery I’m here “doing my time!” It wasn’t fun at all-you know-PAIN! Then Jake told me to “do whatever I wanted” with my good leg and I complied, up against the side of his head! He learned a very valuable lesson that day, don’t mess with Sandy unless you’re prepared. As the pain sessions dragged on, it hurt less! But that wasn’t good enough for Jake. He had to inflict MORE pain with harder exercises. Finally my hip gave in and my mobility and pain were gone. Then onto my shoulder (old injury), so we were off and running AGAIN! Thanks for being patient these 5 months. Remember “It’s not we!”

-Sandy, Chandler, AZ

“I have been struggling with moderate/severe back pain for the last 5 years. I had multiple physical therapy visits at another clinic that was a person-mill. Never any insight as to what the actual problems were. Eric and his staff have not only tackled my multiple issues, they have also made it enjoyable and informative all while staying positive and professional. I am truly happy with the progress I have made.”

-Chase, Chandler, AZ

“You guys are awesome! I appreciate that you listen to the issues and address them all with a systemic plan. You even make it a fun environment when you make me do things I hate (like low bears). Thank you!!”

-Karyn, Chandler, AZ

“When I started with Eric, I had trouble going down stain and squatting. I was also unable to run due my posterior tib being extremely tight, which Eric and the staff of CPT, I am able to go down stairs, run and squat. The team focus on my area of weakness with manual manipulation and target exercises. The team as been a pleasure to work with and will come back if the need arises.”

-Heather, Chandler, AZ

“When I arrived I was unable to stand or walk for long periods of time. I was very weak from my hip injury. I was in a lot of pain. It was even painful to drive. As I progressed through my therapy I felt stronger able to do more each week. I went from using strong pain gels, meds to lidocaine patches everyday to Ibuprofen every other day. I was able to go dancing on my cruise! 🙂 I am still working on getting stronger. I have been here before working injuries. I trust this great group of people with my health. Thank you for helping me get better!!!”

-Gracie, Chandler, AZ

“I had surgery and could hardly move. Jennifer has been wonderful and helped me a great deal. I will be back for an occasional check up or tune up. Thanks!”

-Donna, Chandler, AZ

“Eric and staff helped me get back to ‘normal’ plus a bit better I am golfing without pain and getting through workouts, Thanks to everyone I’m feeling a lot better today.”

-Jeffrey, Chandler, AZ

“I came in to see Eric for an injury to my right wrist in June. I was hitting a golf shot and hit a rock in the grass underneath my golf ball. It has been a slow process to gain strength in that area along with the mobility. The cartilage in the wrist is slow to heal. Eric’s skills in his evaluation of the injured wrist along with the manipulation and corrective exercises has helped me in my job performance and to continue playing golf. Eric..thanks to your staff as well for the team effort.”

-Allen, Chandler, AZ

“Prior to coming to PT I had pain in my back while sitting. After a couple weeks of PT I noticed an improvement. About 2 month after starting PT my pain is completely gone. I had a great experience at Chandler PT and even referred my wife, who has severe back issues.”

-Michael, Chandler, AZ

“I came in feeling crippled. After 10 sessions with Ashley and Jenn I am back to normal with a smile on my face. Thank you!!”

-Nancy, Chandler, AZ

“Before Danny helped me with my ankle I could not jog or do anything active due to my injury. Over this last month Chandler PT has helped me so much. I’m back on the cart doing my thing and around 80-90% in my ankle. I appreciate all the help and guidance. Great people!”

-Diego, Chandler, AZ

“Came in initially for knee pain. Worked on hip and ankle strength, and some dry needling. That combined with the ‘homework’ of exercise really helped!! I would recommend Chandler Physical Therapy.”

-Eric, Chandler, AZ

“Overall the experience was good. Staff was very knowledgeable, especially Jennifer. Before PT I was only able to sit for long periods with pain even with meds and not able to stand to do favorite hobbies like cooking. I am now able to do all my hobbies like cooking. I am now able to do all my hobbies with little to no pain and can sit at my desk with little to no pain and without meds.”

-Johnathon, Chandler, AZ

“I felt the therapy sessions went well. The recommended exercises and stretches are correct in loosening the upper shoulder. It is up to me now to continue with the exercises to completely heal.”

-Robert, Chandler, AZ

“I really enjoyed this facility. The therapists were polite and ready when I came in for treatment. Even though I still have progress to make on my own, I’m very pleased with the progress I’ve made since my first visit. Before I came I Chandler PT I could not work my regular job because there is so much standing and walking. After returning to work, I have been able to perform my duties with restricting to conceal how much standing and walking I have to do. I would definitely recommend Chandler PT as a very professional and knowledgeable facility for treatment. My physical therapist Savannah was great. She is very knowledgeable about the functions of the human body and what activities a person needs to return to normal function. Thanks Savannah!”

-Katherine, Chandler, AZ

“Eric has, once again, helped me through pain. My level of discomfort has lessened significantly and the recommended home exercises have been beneficial. All of the staff here is friendly, helpful, and caring. THanks everyone.”

-Hope, Chandler, AZ

“I had shoulder surgery and needed therapy to get my strength and motion back. The program you provided helped me set full motion back fairly quickly and improve my shoulder and arm strength.”

-Ron, Chandler, AZ

“I’m very satisfied with my treatment. Everybody is very pleasant and professional. My expectations were met and then some. I love this facility! Thank you to all.”

-Alieia, Chandler, AZ

“When I had my surgery, I ever thought I was going to be able to run the same again, or do any of the sports I’m involved in. But Jennifer made that happen! This place is so amazing and the staff is so nice! Thank you!”

-Joshua, Chandler, AZ

“Before PT I would struggle to even pour out of a gallon because of pain in my shoulder. I avoided going to the gym because of the pain I would experience, now I am back in the gym and my shoulders feel strong. I can lift and carry, pour and pick up things with ease and pain free. Thank you Danny for all your help and thank you the entire team for the support.”

-Laurel, Chandler, AZ

“I suffered from constant lower back/glute pain all day and night. I could not sleep or sit for more than 10-15 mins and interfered with my work and personal life. After suffering for 6 months on/off I started PT on a friend’s suggestion and I saw results as early as in 1-2 sessions. Thanks to everyone at Chandler PT, I not only am completely pain-free, I also learned a great deal about my posture and how to strengthen my body in general. THanks a ton!! I’m definitely coming back here whenever I need it in the future.”

-Deepti, Chandler, AZ

“Before therapy I could not walk. I could not go up and down stairs, get from the bed to the bathroom, get in and out of the bathtub or stand-at all. The pain woke me up during the night. I could not cook or clean or get groceries. After therapy, I can do all of the above. Everything. I am looking forward to getting back out on the hiking trails. The people here are terrific, knowledgeable, and very caring. They treat you with humor and compassion but still put you through your pacer. Winning combination!”

-Anna, Chandler, AZ

“I tore my ACL and had surgery for the first time in my life and didn’t how what to expect. Eric and his staff brought their “A-game” since day one with outlining foals and getting me back to normal in less than 6 months. I am back to running, jumping, regular activities like I never had the injury. Great experience with Eric and the Chandler Physical Therapy staff.”

-Jake, Chandler, AZ

“Came in with lower back issues, bulging discs with difficulty sitting or bending. With treatment and ‘homework’, after a few weeks I feel so much stronger and have received training on how to lift, bend, and twist the smart way. The educational information and individual attention is invaluable. I feel I was given ideal personal attention to help make the right decisions to be healthier and stronger to continue doing the things I love.”

-Kris, Chandler, AZ

“My twin sister, Dianne Olson, referred me to Chandler Physical Therapy after she completed rehab for two different injuries. When I first started, my Orthopedic doctor told me my left shoulder was frozen. After Savannah evaluated the shoulder, we decided it probably wasn’t completely frozen, but definitely has a capsule with limited range of motion. At that time, I had a challenge dressing and undressing myself (basic ADL issues) and had horrible sleep and pain. Today I am being discharge. Although I still have a few pain points, my sleep is 100% turned around, I am able to do all ADLs and ROM is dramatically improved in all directions and angles. I feel that I received a very comprehensive and creative rehab plan-of-action and the entire team worked together to ensure I improved. This is the most outstanding therapy practice I’ve been to in the last 15 years here in the valley (I lived out of state before that time), and I have gone to three other places. I have already referred other people and it is with pleasure and confidence that I do so. Of course, Savannah has been a big part of my experience. I also had excellent sessions with Jen and Danny when Savannah was out of the offics. Cris, Danny, and Jason were always on top of knowing how to support me in doing the next exercise or stretch. From Kaitlyn with scheduling to the whole team, I am grateful for you walking me through this healing journey.”

-Toni, Chandler, AZ

“The staff were wonderful. The exercises and treatments here have helped me tremendously. Everyone was so kind and helpful. I’ll actually miss the people working here.”

-Joseph, Chandler, AZ

“I couldn’t open a door, a lid jar. Now I am fine and much stronger. This is a great team ad have been very happy and satisfied with the core and experience here at Chandler Physical Therapy.”

-Jlotsonia, Chandler, AZ

“I started my treatment not being able to walk due to a knee injury. Now I am doing everything I could before with no problem, thanks to my amazing physical therapist :).”

-Blayne, Chandler, AZ

“I had problems with twisting from side to side but after Eric and his staff showed me the proper exercise and stretching I can continue to do this at home and I am feeling much better.”

-Stephanie, Chandler, AZ

“I came her with foot drop and severe problem of mobility in my left leg. I came here using a cane at the first visit. I had been under physical therapy one and a half year. There has been gradual improvement with the exercises. I found a loving environment and got lots of attention from my therapist Jane. I just love her. Also I would like to thank whole team of this clinic. I could not walk properly, unable to climb stairs, wear fancy shoes, unable to run. I had no mobility in foot. Now I can move foot, toes, and can run. I have gained balance, can climb stairs, and having a normal life. They gave effective exercises. They listened every single problem. Overall, the journey was very tough for me but Chandler Physical Therapy helped me to in this journey. Today I am completely healed. They are awesome. I will be grateful to them always.”

-Samia, Chandler, AZ

“When I started PT in August I could barely move my neck and was having difficulty sleeping through the night. Danny was great helping me with increasing mobility and strengthening my muscles. Now I have much more mobility riving and feel more confident about knowing what to do when I start feeling pain or discomfort.”

-Angie, Chandler, AZ

“Before meeting Dr. Torres I had bad back pain and could not throw a baseball. I had very limited back and hip flexibility. Every day I came in I was asked how everything felt and was given exercises that I knew were helping. Over a couple month I have been able to get on the mound to pitch again and I can touch my toes without any pain. I am very satisfied with the treatment I got.”

-Daniel, Chandler, AZ

“Before coming to physical therapy, I was unable to work full days or hike. My surgery did not fully relieve the pain. PT returned me to a normal life. I feel nearly as good as before my accident. It was a great experience. Thanks to Danny and all the team who helped me!”

-Natalie, Chandler, AZ

“I like Eric, he’s a good person. He made my knee better. I like he’s stuff I did. THank you.”

-Thomas, Chandler, AZ

“After a meniscus tear surgery, I came to Chandler Physical Therapy afraid to use my knee. They have taught me how to exercise and work through the pain towards recovery. I have had a very positive experience, with a wonderful staff. Thank you.”

-Gina, Chandler, AZ

“When I came here I had worst pain. I couldn’t wake any activity too much. But I’m very good now here help me too much. Thank you so much.”

-Cipolenn, Chandler, AZ

“I’ve been having neck pain for years as well as mobility issues. Jen worked with me and used lots of different methods and stuck with it even when we didnt initially see much difference. After a couple months, my mobility got a lot better and then pain finally decreased. The daily headaches I used to get from the neck pain are gone and the eck pain has improved.”

-Tara, Chandler, AZ

“I was impressed that I was able to turn my head better after one session. Especially able to turn my head better after one session. Especially able to turn my head better while driving.”

-Karen, Chandler, AZ

“I went in for my knee rehab after I had it replaced. I was here before my headaches and Eric helped so much that I wanted to travel 20 minutes instead of the 3 minutes I could’ve traveled to another therapist. Eric and all is helpers have been attentive and wonderful. I can now bend and straighten my knee fully and fell pretty good. I will always come to Chandler Physical Therapy whenever I need to. Thank you to all the staff.”

-LeRoy, Chandler, AZ

“When I arrived at Chandler PT I was essentially unable to use my right shoulder. I could not lift more than a salt shaker. I had significantly reduced range of motion which limited my ability to perform basic household tasks like cleaning and things like yard work were completely out of the question. Throwing a ball was a non-starter. At this point I have regained almost full range of motion and have no pain, only stiffness and I will be continuing to press on to get completely back to normal. Really want to thank Jake, Danny and Cris for their efforts in getting me back to this point. They are diligent, caring, capable folks that always made sure I was doing exercises correctly and thoroughly to get the most benefit. Great people that did a great job!”

-Kirk, Phoenix, AZ

“Due to a car accident I injured my right knee. I came into physical therapy for the first time with a knee brace and not a clue what I was walking into. Everyone was very welcoming and kind. They took it slow and gave me challenges to help increase my confidence in knee activity. It was a pleasure coming in every week. And now I have a healed leg and am able to do all activity. :)”

-Maya, Phoenix, AZ

“I went in for my knee rehab after I had it replaced. I was here before for my headaches & Eric helped so much that I wanted to travel 20 minutes instead of the 3 minutes I could’ve traveled to another therapist .Eric and all his helpers have been attentive and wonderful. I can now bend and straighten my knee fully and feel pretty good. I will always come to Chandler Physical Therapy whenever I need too. Thank you to all the staff.”

-LeRoy, Chandler, AZ

“My journey at Chandler PT (and with Dr. Jake K.) began when I had my hip replaced. So 4 days after surgery I’m here “doing my time!” It wasn’t fun at all – you know- PAIN! Then Jake told me to “do whatever I wanted” with my goodleg and I complied, up against the side of his head! I’ve learned a very valuable lesson that day, don’t mess with Sandy unless you’re prepared. As the pain sessions dragged on, it hurt less! 🙂 But that wasn’t good enough for Jake. He had to inflict MORE pain with harder exercises. Finally my hip gave in and my mobility + pain were gone. Then on to my shoulder (old injury), so we were off and running AGAIN! Thanks for being patient these 5 months. Reminder “It’s NOT WE!”

-Sandra, Tempe, AZ

“Before I started, I couldn’t drive, work, go out with family/friends, it felt like I couldn’t do anything. To add to my frustration doctors couldn’t tell me what was wrong. A friend of mine recommended physical therapy and I found Chandler P.T. During my time here I had the privilege to work with all 4 therapists. They were patient with me and didn’t rush me. The whole office is always full of smiles and laughter and that really is the best environment for healing. I’m back to life now thanks to Chandler Physical Therapy. Thank you all!”

-Jessica, Chandler, AZ

“Have a knee replacement, got me back into shape on knee that was replaced. Actually in better shape than the other. Great outift! Recommend highly, have been to other pt facilities and this is the BEST! Everyone, I mean everyone showed compassion and empathy for my condition. Again if you want the best you should come here with the best!”

-Fred, Sun Lakes, AZ

“When I came in, I could barely walk, could not bend over or put on shoes + socks without help. With the help of the staff at Chandler Physical Therapy, I am pain free and able to do all my normal activities, including playing hockey. Eric quickly identified my problem + my therapy really helped me get back to a normal life. Thank you all!”

-Anthony, Chandler, AZ

When I first went to this physical therapy, I was nervous about what they were going to do. Some activities I could not do were running, playing fun games in gym class, couldn’t ride my bike or wear my favorite shoes. The first appointment was were one of the staff wanted to see what was wrong. The next appointment is where they did different exercises to see what would help my knee. After a few appointments my knee started feeling better but still could not do any fun activities. After a few weeks my knee stopped hurting and I could finally do things again. 6/18/18 was my last day and I went biking the night before. My knee felt much better I am happy that I am able to do things now.

-Serene, Chandler, AZ

I tore my ACL, MCL and meniscus skiing. Had surgery and after came here for therapy. Not knowing what to expect my experience was great. 4 months later I am pretty much back to normal. A special thank you to Jake for taking care of me, along with Cris, Jason and Danny. Thanks Eric, you have a great practice. People are friendly and you also have great customer service.

-Rich, Chandler, AZ

My second time around at Chandler PT has been just as excellent as the first time. From starting out not even being able to lift my arm above my head, to being able to now resume physical activity. I am grateful for the help from the Chandler PT staff in their assistance in returning me back to a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for everything.

-Brandon, Chandler, AZ

Let me start by telling you this place is wonderful and has such amazing staff. The appointments were very accessible with plenty of flexibility. When I started coming here I had difficulty just looking up or lifting my left arm. Over the past few weeks these symptoms have completely improved to the point where I can finally reach for a cup or open my car door. My pain went from 10 to 0. If it wasn’t for the physical therapist I wouldn’t of been able to improve myself. Thank you all!

-Juana, Casa Grande, AZ

I’m thrilled to be able to bike again with little to no knee pain! Thank you! Everyone here has been very friendly and courteous. I will probably return for a “tune-up” in a few months. Eric has been excellent in his treatment and advice.

-Janice, Phoenix, AZ

This is my second TKR and second round with Chandler PT. Both times have been excellent experiences. The entire team at Chandler PT are incredible. They are a warm, family-oriented group of people who encourage each patient to do their best. They make sure to have each patient’s exercises specific to them and their needs. I highly recommend this facility and team to anyone in need of PT. This is an incredible team of individuals. Thank you Eric, Ashley, Jen, Jenna, Jason, and Maggy.

-Heidi, Chandler, AZ

It was a really good therapy treatment. I have zero pain left. Before I had back pain in my lower back. I was eventually not having any to little paint in just a few therapy sessions.

-Lillian, Chandler, AZ

I came to Eric for the third time for lower back muscle pain. I could not function normally until I began treatment. Now I’m pain free and can maneuver normally.

-Cyril, Tempe, AZ

I had a good experience here, the people here were very nice. Lifting my arms over my head was hard and a lot of pain. The pain is a little better with the help of the therapist. Thank you for your help.

-Paul, Phoenix, AZ

Eric use the force to help stabilize my neck and shoulder issues. Nerve compression affecting my right hand made it difficult for me to follow my ambitions with work and life in general. PT hasn’t totally cured me, but I am well upon the path of healing add feeling optimistic. It isn’t perfect now, but I can at least get on with my life. Eric’s party socks really inspired me, as did Jason’s spontaneous cart wheels. Thanks!

-Armin, Tempe, AZ

Cause of my foot pain was competently diagnosed. Effective treatment plan was identified. Follow up kept me on track. During each follow up, exercises were varied so that I could get stronger. Treatment plan worked. Foot pain is a thing of the past. Eric and his team were more than great! I learned a lot about human movement through sessions. I now know what to do to prevent recurrence. It’s up to me now, but they are here if I need help.

-Ari, Tempe, AZ

The personnel at Chandler Physical Therapy are always very polite and personable. Appointments are easy to schedule and they start on time. I have been very pleased with the quality of work/therapy I have received from the staff. I have attended Chandler PT for several different paints: neck, shoulders, and lower back and always happy with the end result. My visits this time around were to correct my finger that was broken when I was mugged. My end goal was to be able to make a fist, type, play the piano, knit and crochet. Chander Physical Therapy has given me the “best” PT that I have received in my 25 years in Arizona.

-Betty, Phoenix, AZ

When I came to Chandler Physical Therapy, I was in severe pain in my left shoulder and neck. Jennifer evaluated my situation and treated me very effectively. She was very professional but also very caring. My pain is gone thanks to my treatment at Chandler Physical Therapy.

-Walter, Chandler, AZ

Great care. The staff was super.

-Tom, Gilbert, AZ

Jennifer is an exceptional therapist. She cured my vertigo in one session. I felt very comfortable with her.

-LaVerne, Phoenix, AZ

Before coming here it was hard to sit at my desk for longer than 30 minutes. Now, most of that is gone and I can work a lot longer.

-Michael, Chandler, AZ


-Tom, Chandler, AZ

As a returning patient, I can not say enough about the courtesy and efficiency of the staff here. THis time, Eric worked on my neck, and have regained some movement but the tingling still continues. I will be seeing my ortho next week to get the results of my MRI. As this is probably my fifth year of coming here for various skeletal problems. I am sure that I will be back after the first of the year. Thank you for your continuous are.

-Leslie, Chandler, AZ

Trouble lifting and bending before PT. Much better now.

-James, Sun Lakes, AZ

Professional and friendly staff.

-Wesley, Chandler, AZ

I came here after removal of herniated disc material in my lumbar spine. The surgery completely relieved my sciatica. PT helped me get strong again. I can now stand longer, walk, and do my ADLs relatively pain free.

-Jerry, Chandler, AZ

I had previously used Chandler PT after rotator cuff surgery, had a good experience, so returned after lumbar surgery. Six weeks had passed since the surgery date when I started and all was well, but had a setback with leg pain. Eric and his staff addressed the issue and worked on flexibility to help alleviate the pain. I think the therapy helped, as the pain has lessened from the initial onset, but perhaps just having an expert explaining the triggering mechanisms likely causing the pain was terrific to have.

-James, Chandler, AZ

Had a good experience here at Chandler Physical Therapy. I am now able to do my house work without severe pain, and everybody was very nice.

-Salvador, Chandler, AZ

When I started therapy I had severe pain in my back and left hip. Ashley, Jennifer, and the gang were great to work through my therapy. They all gave fantastic encouragement and pleasant personalities. My pain is gone and feel like I could walk five miles without discomfort! I would recommend anyone needing physical therapy to use Chandler Physical Therapy to do so.

-Jerry, Chandler, AZ

Great experience. Like Eric’s personal “touch.” I can now reach overhead. Plan to be back after surgery.

-Dennis, Phoenix, AZ

I feel I really learned a lot about my muscles and how they are interconnected. I now understand what I need to do to avoid my recurring back and hip pain. So I guess it’s up to me to keep up the exercises and strengthen my muscles! Thank you!

-Marilyn, Chandler, AZ

I injured my achilles tendon a few years back and wa sin quite a bit of pain, especially upon rising in the morning and after sitting for a while. After four visits with Eric, including exercises, needling, and using his Graston tools on my calf and heel, I no longer limp and my pain is 99% gone. Chandler PT is by far the best PT experience I have had — I am extremely satisfied with my progress and can do my daily activities with ease.

-Sheila, Mesa, AZ

I came with severe shoulder pain in both shoulders and limited motion. I was not able to sleep well due to pain. Now I am able to sleep with no pain and have increased my motion and strength. I am able to reach up, get clothes on and fastened, reach across, and reach into cabinets with little pain. I am also able to curl and style my hair pain free. It feels so good to be able to move better! I appreciate the care by Jen and staff! Everyone is so professional, pleasant, and skilled! Thanks!

-Debra, Chandler, AZ

I had a total knee replacement in February. I started physical therapy in May. From May to October, Eric and his staff provided excellent care through the exercises and stretches. I now have a 140 degree bend and can do almost all of my normal routine that I did pre-op. The staff was understanding, kind and was the main reason behind such a great recovery that I have had. I cannot thank them enough!

-Tim, Chandler, AZ

I arrived scared, overweight, and with 18 months of pain and walker experience behind me. Jennifer was the perfect PT for me, a good listener, patient, kind, but also directed, motivated and professional. Her professional knowledge and her people skills were exceptional. She was the reason I stayed with my therapy. I made good progress and was always happy to arrive. Jen is wonderful and I believe I owe my new found after surgery mobility to her skill and education. Thank you doesn’t cover my gratitude.

-Sharon, Chandler, AZ

Eric is excellent because of his assessment skills he uses. The SFMA is a great tool to find the cause of one’s discomfort. The corrective exercise along with his “hands on” approach to create balance and symmetry to get you functioning the way you should move. Right hip is an ongoing process but with my homework done on a daily basis I should be ok for a long time.

-Allen, Phoenix, AZ

This is my second time here for major PT. My first three years ago was after a knee replacement and this time for hip issues. Both times they were the best here to get me on my feet and be free of pain. I always choose Chandler Physical Therapy first over others. The best, thank you.

-Eleanor, Chandler, AZ

Before therapy, bending could throw my back out causing extreme pain that kept me in bed with hot/cold packs. I also could not get out of my work chair without experiencing pain. Now I have no pain doing any of these activities and my back feels much stronger. My experience and Chandler Physical Therapy has been great. The personnel at CPT are terrific. Special thanks to Jennifer Berwanger, PT, DPT!

-Joan, Chandler, AZ

AFter a graceful fall, I found myself at Chandler Physical Therapy seeking treatment for my ankle. At the beginning I had difficulty and pain with everyday use. My first appointment with Jen was reassuring. She understood my injury and created an easy to follow treatment plan. All of the staff was welcoming, encouraging, and supportive. If I ever need therapy, I will not hesitate to return to Chandler Physical Therapy!

-Miki, Tempe, AZ

I was struggling with a weak back and terrible posture and Eric and Jason helped me tremendously. I am so much stronger and most importantly they taught me how to exercise and stand correctly so I can continue to get stronger. Thank you so much for all of your help and all you taught me. (Also, Maggie is awesome)

-Michelle, Phoenix, AZ

I came to Chandler Physical Therapy after my third surgery on my right arm. Over the course of two years and three surgeries I lost a lot of motion and strength. When I started here I had trouble dropping things, carrying things that were more than a few pounds and could not bear my own weight on my arm. After about two months of therapy, I went from around 20% to 80%. This was a huge deal for me! I can now carry things and not drop them, my motion is so much better, and everyday it continues to improve. So glad I chose Chandler Physical Therapy!

-Davina, Chandler, AZ

Eric and the staff at Chandler PT are amazing at what they do. I remember right after my car accident, not having the will to do anything due to the pain I was in. I couldn’t lift anything, could barely walk or drive. Today I am working out, able to run, and my overall quality of life is awesome. More importantly, I’m able to carry my 4 year old daughter in my arms or on my shoulders where yesterday I could not. A sense of well being permeates today as I am able to do things I was able to do prior to the accident. Thank you Eric and the team at Chandler Physical Therapy!

-Glenn, Gilbert, AZ

I had a great experience here. When I first started I had constant chronic low back pain. Today, as I leave I no longer have such chronic pain. I can exercise normally and have learned so much about the best way to work out my body. It has been a great learning experience for me. All the staff are very knowledgeable and Eric is a miracle worker. Thanks to all of them for their help!

-Ruma, Tempe, AZ

I had unstable anterior sagittal syndrome with multi-level degenerative spondylolisthesis deformans and spinal stenosis, dextroscoliosis but fortunately no radiculopathy. I was at a social event where I had to hold a plaque while standing — my back hurt and I almost dropped it. It was then I realized I had not completed my full rehabilitation. I had become quad dominant. Sitting on on an exercise bike for hours was not cutting it. My wife advised me to come here. Jen Berwanger and all the staff were awefully. Methodically Jen and her support staff completed what I needed to do. Now I am even much taller. Maggie was great up front, so were Jenna and Jason. P.S. Even though my wife tells me I look younger now I thought you guys were going to make me 20 years under. But that’s ok I will take what I got. Thank you.

-Paul, Chandler, AZ

This summer I strained my arm and injured my wrist to the point I could not lift much with my left arm. Jen tried several methods and exercises but at first it did not get any better. Jen suggested dry needling. After a couple sessions along with the exercises I felt dramatic improvement. We kept up the dry needling and exercises and today I feel 90-95% back to normal. Jen and the entire staff are just great. I’m almost sad to be leaving. I highly recommend Jen and Chandler Physical Therapy!

-Richard, Chandler, AZ

Before I came to CPT I was having pain in my knees. The staff at CPT are all great — ver courteous and helpful. Eric, the therapist I work with is awesome. He always makes sure you know what he’s doing and why it helps. He’s also aware if he’s causing you any pain. I love CPT and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

-Mary, Chandler, AZ

I first came here with terrible back and neck pain that has completely vanished. The team here gave me great info, technique and tools to use at home to help speed the process up. I can’t thank everyone enough! P.S. Diana is amazing!

-Melia, Chandler, AZ

Very Satisfied with my treatment here at Chandler Physical Therapy.

-Stanley, Chandler, AZ

My PT experience was great. I liked all the PTs and the techs. I enjoyed the manual work and the exercises. I’m slowly making progress so hopefully I’ll be better soon. Thanks Chandler PT!

-Sammi, Tempe, AZ

Walking, standing and laying down. These activities are better.

-Rosemary, Gilbert, AZ

Shoulder moves great. No more pain with working out. Thanks.

-Ramon, Phoenix, AZ

The treatment here has been good. They help me keep my balance while walking and bowling.

-Stan, Chandler, AZ

You guys are all great! I feel a lot better.

-Miwa, Chandler, AZ

I had a lot of pain at my first visit. After the therapy and my back healing I am almost pain free!

-Nancy, Phoenix, AZ

I was suffering from some pain from sciatica when I started here. The pain has decreased in severity. It also is not bothering me as often. It has not disappeared. Overall, I am personably satisfied.

-Edward, Tempe, AZ

My experience here has helped me to strengthen and grow which I never thought I would do after the injury. I am back to all my usual activities such as biking, jumping, and dirt bike riding.

-Payton, Chandler, AZ

Everyone on staff was helpful, and always seemed truly concerned with my well being and success first. I feel I excelled because of their patience with me but also their expertise and gentle but firm pushing me forward. Eric really knows his profession and that came across with session as I progressed. I would recommend family and friends to come here and will come back if I need it.

-Mary, Chandler, AZ

My care was fantastic. Thank you so much for helping me get my life back.

-Mary, Phoenix, AZ

I came to Chandler Physical Therapy to seek treatment for pain on the right side of my neck — especially when turning my head to the right. The treatment I received has nearly eliminated all of the pain.

-Lloyd, Chandler, AZ

In progress. Eric is five-star.

-Deborah, Gilbert, AZ

I had shoulder pain in both shoulders for well over a year. It progressively got worse to where it hurt constantly even when not using shoulders. Now I have virtually no pain. I feel so much better and would highly recommend PT. This is my first occasion to need PT and I am very happy with results. Jen has been very good to work with as well as Jason and Jenna. Very nice staff! Very helpful and knowledgeable.

-Paula, Tempe, AZ

I truly appreciate the professional and superlative care and support that I received from Chandler Physical Therapy. The team is very knowledgeable and personal. I wish I could stay in Chandler longer and continue my physical therapy with this dynamic team. I am quite sure I will improve my general health condition over time.

-Amy, Rockville, MD

The staff have been always professional. They are very knowledgeable and always very kind. You can tell they truly care about you and want to do whatever they can to make you better. Jen and Jenna were incredible. Very patient with me as I worked through my exercises. I truly appreciate them! My pain is very much improved since doing the physical therapy and now I have the tools I need to continue to strengthen. Thank you all!

-Evelyn, Chandler, AZ

When I first came in I could barely lift my arm due to a shoulder impingement. I was having issues carrying my purse and other objects. I was also having trouble sleeping due to the pain. After 2-8 week sessions I now have full range of motion again, very little pain, and am able to start lifting and carrying things again. I have even been able to get back to doing yoga again. This entire staff has been great to work with.

-Arlene, Chandler, AZ

After a few months with the great staff at CPT, I’m back to archery, motorcycling, and computing with minimal pain. Thanks!

-Nate, Tempe, AZ

The knee pain I was experiencing at the beginning of starting PT has mostly, if not completely, subsided now. Thank you Eric, Jason, and others for their attentiveness, and to Maggie for always greeting with a smile. I’m able to hike and run again without worrying about risking further injury.

-Sebastian, Gilbert, AZ

I have been told by my doctors how limber I am. I have had 11 discs fused and have nothing but good come from my PT.

-Sandra, Phoenix, AZ

Eric is very thorough in his approach. I like that he uses the SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment). I have had the experience of rehabing left shoulder, right hip, and most recently right heel/achilles tendon. I play golf, walk, hike, and active in my job as I teach people how to exercise. Most of my pain experience was after activities. The PT program that Eric created along with the modalities and supervision from Jason and Jen has been exceptional.

-Allen, Phoenix, AZ

When I first started treatment for a medial ligament tear I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t do many activities that I used to before even normal everyday activities like bending down, going up and down the stairs. I had trouble walking and standing for long periods of time and the injury was interfering with work. After coming in to Chandler Physical THerapy. I was evaluated by Savannah. She was very helpful and knowledgeable about the type of injury that I had. She worked on my knee every week and gave me exercises to strengthen my knee. Now I can be back to normal. Thanks, Savannah!

-Aileen, Chandler, AZ

For the second time Chandler PT fixed me! I an play golf and remain active because of the hard working, knowledgeable, and friendly staff at Chandler PT. A huge thanks to Savannah, she was wonderful!

-Glenn, Chandler, AZ

I could not bend over, run, or tie my shoes. After coming to Chandler Physical Therapy I was able to do all of those activities and even go further (touching my toes– It’s a big deal, people). The staff was friendly and instructive. Thank you! Y’all rock!

-Nathan, Chandler, AZ

You are all great. Thank you for your help!

-Miwa, Chandler, AZ

Thank you everyone! Each one of you are caring, kind, and professional. I came back because I was challenged by pain and difficulty performing certain activities due to pain in my right hip. Now things appear to be back to normal and I can put on my socks and shoes again!

-Petra, Tempe, AZ

Following knee surgery, I returned to Chandler PT. The experience was great. Everyone was always welcoming. Ashley and Jenna make a great team. The results have been great. I’m happy to say that I’m pain free and have resumed all normal activities. For the second time (and different body part), Chander PT has come through for me. Thank you all.

-Hope, Phoenix, AZ

I look upon physical therapy as the necessary evil which hopefully is the positive end result of various surgeries or injuries. Admittedly in the past that has not been the case, nor have I been the ideal patient. However, I cannot solely take the blame for that. In the past I have had therapists who have apparently tried to use positive therapy by telling me everything is going great, when in fact it was not. I have had some major injuries and surgeries in my life time and respond best to being told where the corrections and efforts need to be made. I also need to be advised that with no matter what the efforts taken, there will always be a problem. When I met Eric for my evaluation, I made this clear that I wanted nothing but the truth and his actual evaluations of my progress. I must say I have been more than satisfied in the therapy treatment I have endured. He has been completely candid in his evaluations of my progress, which is fully appreciated and I feel that has allowed me to progress better than I anticipated. All the staff are very friendly and personable. I must say I was taken aback when I was first called by my first name. Nearly my entire adult life I have been referred to as “Sir” or by a title. Since I retired (14 years ago), I have endeavored to get people, especially those I know to call me by my given name, with no avail. It was a pleasant change and gave the therapy more of a personal basis. I also found they worked on a strict on time program, which is refreshing in the medical world. Since first starting therapy, I have had a reduction in pain and my ability to walk has vastly improved. I have had two knees replaced (knee this time), one hip, and one shoulder. It has been said that I have “been shot, stabbed, blown up and crashed several airplanes and no count on motorcycles.” I must say, I believe I progressed better during this therapy than any of the prior ones, military or civilian. After experiencing the professionalism, friendliness, therapy results, I would highly recommend Chandler Physical Therapy.

-Bobby, Chandler, AZ

My knee issue is constant and I have recurring issues but since my most recent procedure and therapy I have no pain in my day to day normal life activities. I appreciate all the “hands on” work that Eric performed to help get my muscles surrounding my knee back to performing optimally. The exercises have helped build my strength allowing me to return to activities and forms of exercise I enjoy. Thanks!

-Barb, Gilbert, AZ

I had surgery to perform discectomy at L4/L5 region of spine. Commenced PT following surgery. I can now stand and sit like a normal person. Pain has been dramatically reduced/eliminated. Very appreciative of professional and dedicated team at Chandler PT! Thank you.

-Wesley, Chandler, AZ

This was my second set of visits, having come in before for back problems. I worked with Jen on my back (better now) and was really glad to work with her again, this time on my ankle! I had to trouble doing my exercises, walking and couldn’t run/walk as I wanted to. Even walking in the store was difficult, with pain on the inside of my foot and ankle. Since therapy — mobilizing and strengthening not only my ankle but also hips and even core — I am back to walking and running pain free. I have tools I will continue to use and exercises I go to daily to keep getting stronger and better! I feel equipped and definitely motivated to prevent other issues from cropping up!

-Abigail, Chandler, AZ

I had worked with Chandler Physical Therapy last year, but hit the limit with my insurance company. When the cap reset I was eager to work with them again. This time around, I still had a large imbalance in the strength in my legs. The therapist identified the problem (a weak quadricep) and helped me build the strength in my weaker leg. I now have greater strength, better range of motion, and less pain. It was a second successful experience with Chandler Physical Therapy.

-Tyler, Chandler, AZ

When I came to CPT I was having back spasms and limited mobility in my back and hops. I found both the hands on, needles, and exercises very helpful. Jennifer is an excellent and caring physical therapist and explained the exercises very well so that I could continue doing them at home.

-Patricia, Chandler, AZ

I’m blown away. The surgeon told me I was done playing ball the rest of the year (January injury). After two months of PT, I’m pain free, playing half court ball, and back to jogging. I’m blessed in that this recovery shouldn’t have been this fast! Chandler PT staff is phenomenal! They are very professional, love what they do, and always get in good laughs. They made every sessions fun. It was a pleasure having them as my PT staff team. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-David, Chandler, AZ

Pain and function has significantly improved since beginning treatment with Savannah.

-Jessica, Chandler, AZ

I had severe low back pain due to sedentary work/lifestyle. It came down to a point where it started affecting my quality of life. I started PT with JEnnifer who worked her magic. I did the stretched that was prescribed religiously and the outcome was gradual improvement over time leaving no back pain. My experience was great with Chandler PT.

-Anand, Gilbert, AZ

Satisfied with the progress. No difference in activity.

-Lawrence, Gaylord, MI

Before starting PT, I would feel sharp pain in my left leg when jumping or running. It even got to a point when my leg would go numb if I sit or lie down for too long. Jen was very awesome in showing me difference stretches that helped relieve the pain. She was very patient in listening to what I felt and needed. Thanks to her, I am able to play basketball, run, and sleep well again!

-Austin, Chandler, AZ

When I came in for PT after my total knee replacement I was in severe pain, a “9” out of “10.” I had some complication after surgery. I was very grounded and the pain had shut me down. Savannah, my PT, got me moving and I gained trust in the team that work with me. Jason, Jenna, Chris– Thanks! I was first seen on January 9th, 2017. Today, I’m discharged with more flexibility and strength than I anticipated. The pain after working 5-8 hours is at a “1” to “2.” Amazing. I’m blessed to have recovered with all your help.

-Rosie, Phoenix, AZ

I had a great experience. I can play tennis again!

-Garry, Tempe, AZ

I returned to Chandler PT due to sharp pains in my right hip area. Eric and his team helped me recover from a hip and knee replacement in 2014. I knew this was the place to come for hep when I was experiencing a lot of discomfort in my hip. AGain I was not disappointed. I am back to no pain in my hip and feeling much better all over thanks to Ashley and her team. With a great plan for home exercises I am sure I can gain strength and continue to feel good and stay mobile. The hard part is keeping up with the exercise plan. Thank you all so much for keeping me going and moving freely without the discomfort! What a blessing.

-Cindy, Chandler, AZ

I was here for knee therapy. It was very hard at first. Eric was the best. He helped me a lot and got me through a lot of pain. A the end the knee is doing great. Thanks, Eric. Josh was a lot of help with me. He was good with me. Thanks a lot.

-Joana, Chandler, AZ

Have wonderful help and such nice people Enjoyed getting much better and having fun doing it.

-Joann, Brozeman, MT

Came into PT with increasing pain in my left knee along with worries about my ability to continue my work due to my physical restraints. Glad to say PT has restored my strength and eliminated the knee pain! It has also put me on a path to better health. Thank you, Jennifer.

-Jillian, Chandler, AZ

I have been to Chandler Physical Therapy two previous occasions for therapy and have been thoroughly happy with each experience. Eric and his staff are very professional, polite, and considerate at all times. I have recommended Chandler Physical Therapy to a number of acquaintances and I will continue to do so. I have much less discomfort when doing my everyday activities than when I started and I am able to do much more than I could before starting treatment.

-Cheryl, Tempe, AZ

I have seen Eric and the staff at Chandler PT over the last few months for back and right shoulder tightness. The entire CPT staff has been super in working with me to regain mobility and lessen the tightness in these areas. It is obvious that Eric sets the tone for positive, polite, and sincere interactions with all patients and clinic staff — they really care about the people they work with!

-Dan, Chandler, AZ

Months ago I started having severe neck pain and had bouts of dizziness. I was unable to go about with my daily life activities and it was disrupting as well as frustrating. A trip to my physician led me to book an appointment with Chandler Physical Therapy. I can’t believe I hadn’t booked an appointment earlier! The staff is absolutely wonderful and Jennifer always was so helpful. After the first session I already felt improvement. I’m thankful for all the help from everyone here and for the easy to follow exercises I can continue at home. Overall amazing experience!

-Shagufia, Phoenix, AZ

My neck and shoulder are moving great. No more headaches.

-Doug, Tempe, AZ

I was in an auto accident which caused extreme shoulder pain. My PT was Savannah and she did an awesome job giving me shoulder strength with all the different shoulder exercise. Chris was awesome. He made sure I was relaxed and properly doing them.

-Lisa, Chandler, AZ

For the second time, you have helped me get back to running!

-Joe, Tempe, AZ

My experience with Eric and his team are the best. I have been here before for different ailments. The reason I return is because of the physical evaluation that Eric uses SFMA and his expertise to get an individual on the road to recovery. He cares about your well-being and uses every tool possible to help you achieve your goal of wellness. I’ve had a long-standing problem with my right wrist. The mobility and strength in my wrist is the best it has been for a very long time. Thanks!

-Allen, Phoenix, AZ

Chandler Physical THerapy is truly the best therapy center around. Eric, my therapist, is so knowledgeable and helpful with all my questions and concerns. I had a torn meniscus in my left knee with quite a bit of pain. By the time I left, I could walk 1-2 miles with no pain and standing wasn’t an issue either. I would highly recommend CPT to anyone who asks me. I’ve also given their business card and my recommendation to orthopedic surgeon.

-Mary, Chandler, AZ

My left hip was replaced any my knees suck. I used to have trouble with stairs, getting in and out of the car, chairs, etc. My gait was bad when I walk. Hip and knees are much stronger now. I move more fluidly — yay! Thanks, Chandler PT.

-Marni, Tempe, AZ

For months after stretching my arm too far, I was unable to turn my head without pain. This made driving difficult as well as household chores like laundry. Muscle relaxers didn’t work. After a few weeks with Ashley, I was able to move with less pain, and now I’m able to do normal activities with only a little discomfort. Ashley and her team are fabulous, and I appreciate their patience and professionalism. Thanks.

-Marnie, Phoenix, AZ

Jen helped me able to run without pain again. 10/10 highly recommend.

-Sean, Chandler, AZ

After my left rotator cuff surgery I started physical therapy. AT first my pain levels were very high and my mobility was very low. Through a number of weeks in physical therapy aided by a very helpful staff, my mobility is very much improved. I am having surgery on my right rotator cuff and will be returning to Chandler Physical Therapy to start the process all over again. Hopefully to achieve the same results.

-John, Chandler, AZ

This is the first I ever had to go to physical therapy. What we did really worked to get my body better. I would recommend anyone to come here. They are all very professional.

-Larry, Chandler, AZ

Oops! Dial-a-ride is here! The experience was wonderful. Totally opposite from anywhere else I have gone for therapy. Jen is the best! Thanks so much. I know we are both surprised. The degree i have progressed from walking through the door the first day and walking out the door today. See you all in a couple of weeks for round two after back surgery next week.

-Rose, Chandler, AZ

I tore my ACL and MCL in January 2016 and was in dire need of PT. I worked with Danny initially for five months intensively and was able to set out on a long trek through Spain and Portugal that June. After my return I had ACL surgery and was back in PT with Eric that August. It has been quite a journey! I am indebted to all the staff here at Chandler PT! My thorough care from Danny, Eric, Jenna, and Jason has been amazing. You have made PT a delight with your mix of humor, music, witty banter and bow-tie Fridays! I’m now well on my way to meeting my goals, jogging, long walks, spin class and hiking! Thanks so much!

-Alice, Chandler, AZ

I was referred to Jen after I had been trying many kinds of treatments and therapy but I was still experiencing throbbing headaches whenever I would wake up and throughout the day. I also had lower back pain that would shoot specific pain when I would make certain movements. Through my time with Jen I had excellent improvement with my back pain and headaches improved dramatically. I even stopped waking up with head throbbing which is amazing. I felt like her skills and interest to help me really proved to be a great blessing to improve my quality of life. I will definitely refer any friends that need PT to her! Thank you Jen!

-Wendy, Phoenix, AZ

Very good experience. Thank you all for your time and care. My back pain has eased and I’m more active in tennis, walking, lifting, and generally moving around in the normal course of a day. The exercised are really helping. Thank you again.

-Anjana, Tempe, AZ

Chandler Physical Therapy and Jen have been so awesome! Thanks for getting me back on track and giving me the tools to go forward with my life.

-Mary, Phoenix, AZ

I had a great experience with PT! I no longer get headaches, which used to be a weekly occurrence. Jen gave me great tools to prevent my pain and strengthen the surrounding muscles.

-Sara, Chandler, AZ

The phrase “pain in my neck” became a real pain! After ignoring it for a few months, I decided to get it worked out. A few weeks, a few sessions a week later — I feel good! No more constant headache, waking up at night in pain. Thank you Jen, Jason, and staff.

-Lori, Phoenix, AZ

I do not think that most people would say that they enjoyed going to PT, but I honestly did. Ashley and her staff were more than considerate, patient, and easy to work with. Even though I wasn’t in any pain after my surgery, I still appreciated the exercises I could do at home. I would definitely recommend Chandler Physical Therapy!

-Caroline, Scottsdale, AZ

Eric’s personal involvement is outstanding. Everyone keeps you busy and challenged.

-Dennis, Phoenix, AZ

My lower back was hurting. The treatment explained why and relieved my pain. I know the cause of my pain and what I will do to prevent or reduce it. Thanks!

-Jennifer, Tempe, AZ

Before I came in to Chandler Physical Therapy I’d sought PT treatment at another clinic. I went there twice and decided PT was not for me. Several weeks later, my condition in my shoulders had “expanded” to involve my neck and back and my headaches began. I arrived at Chandler Physical Therapy after a headache that basically lasted two and a half weeks. Three weeks — and a lot of carefully planned exercises — later, I’m headache free! Thank you! Everyone was so kind, supportive, and helpful along the way!

-Robi, Chandler, AZ

I appreciate increased mobility and vastly reduced pain. But I feel that the pain can spring back to life at any moment. Getting old sucks. I’m not ready to be done here, but my window of opportunity for PT is closing. May be back in August if things don’t stay well.

-Mary Ann, Chandler, AZ

I have experienced a lot of improvements since coming to CPT. Initially hesitant to needling but once I finally tried it I really liked the results. Highly recommend Savannah as a therapist. She is highly skilled and knowledgeable!

-Kathleen, Gilbert, AZ

I want to thank Jen Berwanger for her excellent help and guidance during my therapy.

-Ronald, Gilbert, AZ

I had a lovely time here. Balancing on the foam and ball was the most difficult for me and throwing the ball. It got easier or more bearable with the different workouts and monster walks. I can now walk fine and hope to rock climb better.

-Tasha, Chandler, AZ

It really helped.

-Marie, Chandler, AZ

Very professional, friendly staff and environment. Neck pain is much better, and with continued exercises at home, I feel any pain will be minimal. Eric is very easy to talk with, and explains everything well. Would highly recommend this office to family and friends.

-Martha, Chandler, AZ

Before PT I could barely walk without falling or tripping and my feet drooped, now I can finally walk around again! My legs and ankles were especially weak but thanks to Chandler PT I’m back to being a kid again.

-Sedona, Chandler, AZ

Very satisfied with the treatment and attention. Since I’ve had to interrupt my therapy I’m not yet at full mobility but I am stronger and more flexible than I was when I began the program. Thanks for everyone’s help!

-Clare, Sunlakes, AZ

I’m very pleased with the results. Everyone was very nice and helpful. You could not ask for anything better.

-Ron, Tempe, AZ

When I first came into Chandler PT, I had herniated my disc so badly I could not even walk and the pain was intolerable. Thanks to Savannah’s expertise and helpful demeanor I am now able to do everything I could before without having surgery! Thanks to all the staff, the receptionist and Savannah. You were all fantastic and I couldn’t have done it without it! Will definitely come back if I ever need PT in the future.

-Dana, Chandler, AZ

My experience coming to therapy is always good. All the years I have been here I haven’t had one bad experience no matter how much pain I’m in. I look forward to coming back in future. The people are awesome and they help take your mind off the pain, well most of it. Everyone that I have met here is down to earth.

-Matt, Chandler, AZ

Came in for PT from my second meniscus surgery. Strength and stability were both limited to the point where I couldn’t play hockey or do any weight training. Savannah developed a plan of exercises, increasing each week, to get me back up to speed. Jenna is fantastic about making sure you do the exercises with proper form and will make an awesome PT when she graduates. Thanks for getting me back on the ice! Will miss seeing all the friendly people here (but glad to be all healed up!).

-Robert, Gilbert, AZ

I came to Chandler PT after having been T-boned in an auto accident on 12/3/16. I sustained injury to the knees, hips, lower back, the left clavicle area from impact of the shoulder/seat belt; as well as neck. Chandler PT did initial assessments when I started with them. I had right knee surgery so treatment was designed to alleviate pain and increase flexibility in the areas of injury. I’ve had to discontinue treatment as leaving the area for the summer. However, Chandler PT therapists have done a remarkable job in aiding my recovery.

-Jerl, Salem, OR

Jen is wonderful! She worked really hard to help me improve in strength and mobility. She is very knowledgeable and provided a variety of exercises and options for treatment. Everyone at Chandler PT is professional and friendly. It was a joy working with them.

-Leslie, Chandler, AZ

After my accident I couldn’t move my neck much at all. I couldn’t go to the gym and had to cancel a vacation to CA. My mobility and range of motion is nearly back to what it was and I was finally able to take my vacation that I had to cancel. I’m back at the gym and making gains every week.

-Mindi, Chandler, AZ

Before I came I had a very difficult time sitting, getting in and out of the car, walking, standing to cook, laundry and many other activities. I was in a lot of pain, but with all of the work Savannah did on my hip and back and exercises accomplished, I am back to doing all my activities to care for 11 people and 2 dogs in our home! Thank you!

-Bernadette, Phoenix, AZ

I’ve had migraines for 11 years, but the last year and a half they have become more severe often lasting 20 hours (or more), 2-3 times/week. Physical therapy has helped to decrease migraine intensity and duration! Eric is a fantastic physical therapist. The staff is all wonderful! All therapists are knowledgeable and caring. An extra thanks to Jenna and Caitlin for dealing with my insurance. Chandler Physical Therapy has exceeded my expectation in every way. P.S. The newsletters are interesting and informative and it’s fun finding the misspelled word!

-Mel, Tempe, AZ

When I first started, I had headaches from my daily school and homework. I started going to PT and Eric needled my neck and gave me things to work on at home. Eventually, the pain that came from reading and working at school went away. My headaches stopped and I have become more flexible. I can finally touch my toes from all the stretching.

-Jamie, Chandler, AZ

I came in due to back issues and sciatica. It was difficult to sit and lie down due to the pain of standing back up. The pain eventually subsided and I was shown several exercises to help with stability and recovery. The staff were courteous and helpful and patient. I would recommend Chandler Physical Therapy for anyone in need of treatment.

-J, Chandler, AZ

As a retired healthcare provider with over 30 years’ experience I choose Chandler PT. They are highly skilled, motivated and friendly professionals who work together well. I experience greater mobility and less pain after therapy at Chandler PT.

-Jerry, Chandler, AZ

I had an excellent experience here at Chandler Physical Therapy. All of the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. Before I started therapy I had lower back pain, ankle and shoulder stiffness and after a few short months of physical therapy my pain is gone! Jen and Chris worked with me the most and I enjoyed my sessions with them. I would highly recommend friends and family to Chandler Physical Therapy. Thank you so much!

-William, Chandler, AZ

Savannah did an awesome job on me. Between her in office exercises and those I did at home I feel much better. I am able to lay flat on my back and my movement and walking no longer automatically cause my knees to seize up. I really appreciate everything that the folks here have helped me accomplish.

-Salimah, Tempe, AZ

When I first sought help for my knee pain I thought I had a serious injury that might need surgery. I was relieved to find it was tendonitis. I tried working out at home with no success. Within two weeks of starting therapy with Jen I was mostly pain free. The entire experience was great!

-Mick, Chandler, AZ

This time through has been excellent (just like the last time for my other elbow). Savannah and (Jen a couple of times), the needles, and exercises made it so I went from not being able to lift a 2-pound container of protein powder to being able to with no problem! THanks again to everyone for helping get my elbow back in shape!

-Hans, Chandler, AZ

Following my discharge from the hospital where I had a spinal fusion, I had a lot of trepidation about my ability to every function normally again. My apprehension about that was lessened soon after starting PT with Jennifer. She gently pushed me daily to achieve first basic goals, then gradually increased the challenges until I went back to playing tennis earlier than I or the doctor thought possible. I am very grateful for her skills and Chris’s and Jason’s, and Jenna’s. They are a great team.

-B. Jeffrey, Chandler, AZ

After my knee surgery, I could hardly bend my knee 90 degrees, but after working with Savannah and staff, I’m able to do most activities with less pain than before my surgery. I’m looking forward to being able to go back to my old activities, and to be able to do so without knee pain. Thank you so much Chandler Physical Therapy! You guys changed my life.

-Britta, David, AZ

I have been coming here on and off for a few years due to different hiking injuries. Each time they get me back on the trails in good time. The professionalism is over the top and the humor they interject while inflicting pain is great! They have an awesome staff here and I’m always recommending my friends and even strangers here. Thanks for all you do!

-Deanne, Chandler, AZ

Before and after my hip replacement I used Chandler Physical Therapy. I returned for more work when I needed better strength and flexibility. The staff are great. I feel like a friend. The care is wonderful. Highly recommended. It is a pleasure to know I have the best PT in my area of Chandler.

-Mary, Chandler, AZ

After rotator cuff surgery, I came here for physical therapy. Eric was the most professional, caring physical therapist I ever had. I was very satisfied with him and all members of his staff.

-Dawn, Tempe, AZ

I came to PT with a severe and painful heel spur on my left foot. The stretching exercises were extremely helpful. Jennifer sent me home after my final visit with printouts of exercises that I am sure will continue to be most helpful to me. I am walking better without as much pain as I had when I first started PT. Jennifer is very patient and is an awesome therapist. If I need to return to more PT in the future I will request appointments with Jennifer.

-Marta, Chandler, AZ

My experience has been great. The strength I’ve gained has given me renewed confidence and a desire to continue strengthening. This knee replacement was quite painful and as I leave here today my pain level is zero. Thanks to Jen and all the staff for your knowledge and encouragement.

-Mary, Phoenix, AZ

Hello. This was my second experience at CPT and it was as good or better than the first! Eric and his staff were great and very attentive to my condition. I have had back and balance issues that have improved considerably. The atmosphere is family-type and you feel very comfortable coming in. Thanks to all, and if you have issues that need help like I did, this is the best place!

-Don, Tempe, AZ

Prior to physical therapy, I had received injections to my foot for a neuroma. This did not completely remedy the pain on some activities and walking longer distances. My doctor recommended physical therapy, so I researched a new place, Chandler Physical Therapy, which had good review. I’ve had great progress that I didn’t expect considering how long I’ve had issues. Jennifer really knew what she was doing and I’m back to exercise and walking without pain. This is a big deal when you want to stay active and healthy. I felt I received very well-rounded and caring treatments. Thanks!

-Bonita, Chandler, AZ

I am rather impressed by the professional knowledge and the expertise of the PTs here. The treatments and the activities designed were right to the points of the diagnosed conditions of the patients. The manual treatments to my ankle joint given by Jennifer were especially helpful. I thank you all for the limited four times of treatments and look forward to returning before long.

-Jenny, Chandler, AZ

My headaches were severe and wouldn’t go away. I only sat around the house and watched t.v. I wouldn’t even go with my wife to take the dogs for a walk or ride. Now after 24 visits I feel I have my life back, but not totally headache free. With what Eric does to my neck always makes me feel better. The exercises I’ve been given to do really helps get rid of the headache. Everyone here at Chandler Physical Therapy are kind, caring, and knowledgeable. I was told how great it is here, and they were right. I’ll recommend this place to anyone who could use its services. I’ll also come back if anything else happens to me that I know can be fixed by Eric.

-LeRoy, Chandler, AZ

When I first started with physical therapy I was walking with a can, lots of swelling in knee and leg. Lots of difficulty bending knee. I appreciated all the exercises to improve both bending, while keeping up with working on strengthening the knee and of course extension as well. Without physical therapy, I most likely would still be walking with a cane. Thank you Chandler Physical Therapy for all your hard work!

-Becky, Tempe, AZ

I came here suffering from the worst physical and emotional trauma of my life after being rear ended by a pick up truck. I couldn’t even lower my head to a pillow at night without extreme pain. I walked around stiff and inflexible due to the pain through my spine. I thought that my precious yoga practice and dance exercise were a thing of the past. Through the months Jennifer patiently guided me through the recovery process. She was not only my doctor of physical therapy, she was my emotional support through the bumps along the way. Jason, Chris, and Jenna made the exercises a fun experience — even the foam roller. Now, I’m back to my full schedule of yoga, dance, and pilates. And I have my magical book of exercises to keep me strong through the rest of my life. Yes, Chandler Physical Therapy became a second home to me.

-Theresa, Chandler, AZ

When I first came here my knee was swollen, stiff, had to bend, and painful when sleeping. After PT the swelling and stiffness has improved a great deal. I don’t have any pain when I’m sleeping and my activity has increased. My main goal was to return to my zumba class which I did last week for the first time. Really felt very good. Now just need to build some stamina again.

-Renee, Chandler, AZ

Before coming to Chandler PT, I was not as strong as I needed to be in my core area. I feel my core is stronger now after coming to PT and being treated by all the wonderful staff here (Ashley, Jenna, Chris, Eric, etc). Although my pain is not better, I feel that I have strengthened my body and have learned the proper exercises to keep strengthening my core in anticipation of my upcoming surgery. I will miss everyone dearly!

-Lisa, Chandler, AZ

Everybody was very professional and helpful. I learned a lot of exercises to help my healing.

-Janet, Chandler, AZ

I’ve enjoyed being here and your staff seem to be well trained and a likeable bunch! If I need help in the future I will be back! Thank you.

-Kinley, Chandler, AZ

Before coming here I was not able to do a lot of daily things. However, after coming here I was put on a plan right away, slowly recovering. Now that I am done I am able to do everything I could not before. I’m really happy I came here to get better.

-Hussain, Phoenix, AZ

I had trouble moving my left arm and hand, and neck. I could not sleep through the night. My therapy sessions here have fixed all of that ! And they gave me tools to maintain my mobility and strength. Thank you very much!

-Chris, Chandler, AZ

This is my second time as a patient. Both times it has been a very excellent and productive experience. All the exercises really benefited my recovery. Massages also helped. Jen is great and an excellent practitioner.

-David, Chandler, AZ

I’ve learned how to adapt my activities so that they don’t cause the recurring pain I used to have. The exercises are now part of my daily routine, so I can continue my life and the activities that I want without worrying about pain.

-Robert, Phoenix, AZ

My experience here helped me to gain back mobility and strength in my right arm after I had rotator cuff surgery. Thank you to everyone in the group that helped me.

-Ben, Tempe, AZ

This has been a great experience. While the actual therapy is never much fun, the improvement in function and decrease in pain has proven to be well worth it. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Savannah was very patient and thorough in working with my serious knee problems. I can honestly say I have no pain and look forward to getting back to running. Thank you to everyone at Chandler Physical Therapy!

-Grace, Chandler, AZ

I had back pain most of the time. I still have some, good and bad days. I guess Jen can’t help me much more. It is still painful to stand and sit for over an hour. I appreciate all you have done for me and I’m sure I will be back since I’m not real good yet. Insurance has almost run out.

-Mary, Chandler, AZ

Before coming to Chandler Physical Therapy, I was in constant pain. I couldn’t walk, stand, or even sit without pain. Intense pain was waking me up at night. Jen was amazing! The needle therapy really helped me to reduce pain and inflammation. Now I can walk and sleep through the night and have even started jogging. I highly recommend Chandler PT!

-Heidi, Chandler, AZ

Great job helping me recover from surgery! Very good atmosphere and attitude. I have recommended friends and neighbors to use your services. Thank you!

-Michael, Chandler, AZ

Came in for hip pain and tight hips. Now I’m without pain. Everybody was very professional. Thanks.

-Steve, Chandler, AZ

I’m a very active person and shattered my collarbone playing soccer. After surgery, I could barely move my arm, much less lift anything. Despite insurance problems that Chandler PT helped me navigate, I’m glad to say I’m back at full range of motion and don’t feel restricted. Jen has been fantastic and consistently challenged me. I have (unfortunately) had to do physical therapy several times and can say that Chandler PT is one of the best!

-John, Chandler, AZ

This is the third time I’ve been to Chandler PT. All three injuries/pains have improved drastically. Eric, and Chandler PT, have done it again. Eric was able to diagnose a pain in my leg that doctors have been stumped by for over 6 months. Thank you, Eric, for helping me achieve a pain-free status again.

-Hope, Phoenix, AZ

Everyone was extremely courteous, caring and helpful. Attention was paid to my pain level and exercise were appropriate. Love coming here and saw improvement after each visit. I would highly recommend everyone here. Thank you.

-Janet, Gilbert, AZ

I was having severe back spasms/pain when I came in. I had difficulty with basically any movement. I have my mobility and life back! Thanks to Eric and his great team. I am now functioning very well in daily activities. I have also learned a lot about my muscles, movements, etc. — thanks, Eric and Jake! I would (and already have) recommended this office to anyone. The best PT I have ever had!

-Beth, Tempe, AZ

I couldn’t walk. Now I can run/hop. 🙂

-Leo, Gilbert, AZ

I had seen multiple doctors and therapists resulting in minimal progress from each. At Chandler PT working with Jennifer I have seen constant progress. I came in with shoulder and neck pain with tension as well as lumbar pain which made getting dressed difficult. I now don’t have issues getting dressed and my daily pain is almost gone. I am confident that with the excellent home exercise program I will be able to keep the pain away.

-Jason, Chandler, AZ

When I began PT, I could not lift my arm above my head, let alone do basic daily activities. With the knowledge, guidance, and encouragement of the Chandler PT staff, I am so thankful for all of their help!

-Brandon, Chandler, AZ

This is actually the best thing that has happened to me in the last 25 years as far as my physical body is concerned. After years of inactivity, my back became weak and unbearable. I was unable to do many ADLs without hurting myself, but now I can do most all of these activities with no vulnerability, pain, or lack of confidence. The staff here are magnificent. Thank you!

Jim, Chandler, AZ

I was unable to perform exercises using my upper body due to recurring shoulder pain. Jen helped me strengthen the problem muscle groups and identify the activities that were causing pain. Poor form was identified in many of my routine exercises and I learned how to do them correctly. Using techniques learned at CPT I’ve successfully returned to the gym with a much better understanding of my body and what must be done to avoid re-injury in the future. Although dealing with injury is inherently frustrating, the extremely positive, upbeat culture at CPT made the journey not only pleasant, but was actually something I looked forward to during the week. I feel incredibly fortunate to have to work this group. I had a blast!

-Philip, Tempe, AZ

Eric does a great job. Very helpful in my recovery of being able to run again. Would highly recommend Eric.

-Clint, Chandler, AZ

Overall, I was very happy with my experience here. Starting my treatment here shortly after knee surgery, flexibility and pain reduction were initially worked on. I found progress slower than I liked in the beginning due to issues with pain and during exercise. Jen introduced needling into the program (which she really enjoyed and I did not), but this combined with extra mobilization exercises reduced the pain enough so that strength could be increased. My initial goals were getting back to running and squatting/weightlifting which I currently am doing. Many thanks to Jen and all the team here.

-Brian, Tempe, AZ

When I first started, I was experiencing a variety of musculoskeletal symptoms that could not be diagnosed to date. I came here proactively to just attempt some form of activity or therapy with no real expectation of results. After 3 months of work I felt like very little progress had been made and was very discouraged. Savannah, Chris, and Eric continued to offer support and encouragement and listened to my experiences with my pain and dysfunction and continued to modify my therapy for results. 3 months later and I was doing considerably better and moving about daily with less pain. Their willingness to adapt with me as we searched for the best therapeutic approach was the difference between success and failure. I would not be on the path to recovery if it had not been for the team here. Thank you so much!

-Brent, Phoenix, AZ

What a well run office. Everyone is very friendly, very professional. Savannah, my therapist was very informative and personal. She has taught me to move it or lose it. Great exercising, I have my routine down. Would highly recommend Chandler Physical Therapy.

-Patricia, Chandler, AZ

I will not miss the pain in my knee, but I will miss my regular visits. I constantly felt challenged but always looked forward to seeing everyone and the fun light atmosphere. Where I started treatment I couldn’t walk without pain and forget going up stairs. Now I am pain free and able to carry my kids upstairs every night again. Thank you Eric and team. You are miracle workers and I will miss your smiling faces.

-Scott, Chandler, AZ

I arrived at CPT with a diagnosis of herniated disc and arthritis. Daily functioning was almost impossible. Working with Ashley, I gradually became stronger, the pain was reduced and I have been able to resume most of my regular activities. Ashley taught me many ways to help manage pain symptoms to that I can recognize what I need to do to feel comfortable again. I am very happy with the care and consideration from the whole staff.

-Joyce, Sun Lakes, AZ

This was my second time for receiving PT from Eric and his staff. This go around was to get me back to walking normal, using the right body parts to perform normal activities. I have never had a bad experience in any session at Chandler PT. Eric and his staff are deeply caring, want to see everyone who walks through the door to leave having a better quality of life! Seriously great people, successful treatments, and happy place to be! 🙂

-Deb, Phoenix, AZ

I tore my ACL back in February, had surgery in March, and started PT right away. It was a slow start but Eric and the staff continually pushed me in a healthy way to consistently improve my strength and maneuverability. Six months later I am now back on the bike and running with very little pain or no pain at all. Everyone at Chandler Physical Therapy has been amazing and I’ve never had more fun getting my butt kicked every week. Thank you for all that you guys have done for me. It’s greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work!

-Christopher, Mesa, AZ

Excellent experience, very patient and competent therapists. They helped me greatly. My back goes out less often. I’m able to do more things now. Many thanks.

-Anjana, Tempe, AZ

All my expectations were met here at CPT. Savannah and the entire staff were awesome. My pain level is at an all time low. I would highly recommend CPT.

-Mark, Chandler, AZ

My progress with PT has been a big improvement after my shoulder surgery. Savannah, my therapist did an awesome job getting my shoulder to function. Everyone at CPT are the most friendly people. Thank you.

-Lisa, Chandler, AZ

Before coming to PT I had terrible migraines multiple times a day and was dizzy nearly constantly. I had trouble getting out of bed and even walking down the hallway without falling over. My migraines kept me early bedridden and I hardly left the house. Now, while I still experience significant pain and dizziness, I am attending school and am getting out of the house regularly. My dizziness has improved a little and now I am able to do some light activity with minimal effect. I am pleased with the help Chandler PT has given me in my improvements, even though my body plateaued. I would recommend them to anyone who has a PT need.

-Berma, Mesa, AZ

Thanks for everything you do. Eric has been working with me for the past 3 years on and off. He knows what he’s doing and has worked on just about every part of my body.

-Abby, Chandler, AZ

Enjoyed all the activities and staff personnel. Could not stand up from chair. Now I can without holding on. Thank you for your activities you had me do. They help.

-Henry, Chandler, AZ

Came in surgically repaired arm. Had trouble doing everyday tasks. After 8 weeks of therapy I am nearly back to 100% strength. The exercises were well rounded and helped improve my arm. The staff was excellent and accommodating. They allowed me to bring my infant daughter with me to appointments, which was a huge help. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

-Kyle, Chandler, AZ

I came to Chandler PT for a severe ankle injury where I had to wear a walking boot. Small daily activities were a challenge. Now over 3 months later, I am able to run several miles a day with my cross country team and continue to improve with the home stretches and activities they have shown me. I look forward to getting back to Sunday morning basketball games with my friends. Thank you to a very professional and caring staff!

-Kyle, Chandler, AZ

An auto accident caused me to start having lower back pain and in my shoulder. Jen and the staff were able to completely eliminate the shoulder issues and get my back so normal activities were restored and my pain threshold greatly reduced. I recommend Chandler Physical Therapy for their expertise, professionalism, and experience.

-Ryan, Kuna, ID

When I first came to PT I had issues with my right shoulder. I was paired up with Danny Z. and throughout my 4 weeks, he was able to alleviate most all of my pain. All of the staff was incredibly helpful and friendly. It was very easy to make my appointments and I always got a time that worked well for me. I am extremely pleased with the progress I was able to make in 4 weeks and I am so glad I found CPT on yelp. I can see why they have great reviews and would recommend them to my friends and family. Thank you CPT!

-Erika, Phoenix, AZ

It has been my pleasure to have “2” excellent experiences at Chandler PT. Not only did I have successful experiences, but the entire staff was pleasant and supportive. Everyone remembered me and helped me get back to the “best” I could be and left me with the feeling — “I could do it.” Both my injuries left me unable to even walk unassisted at first and now I can even run some and exercise safely. Thank you everyone 🙂 Savannah, you’re great!

-Dianne, Tempe, AZ

“I feel a lot better and I strongly recommend this facility for physical therapy.” Nestor Garcia, Phoenix, AZ.

“I was skeptical that my knee could recover without surgery, but Eric was able to guide me to a major improvement in strength and stability which returned mobility to my daily lIfe! Thanks!” – Jean Baker, Chandler, AZ.

“I am very happy with Chandler Physical Therapy. My friends are very impressed with how quickly I was recovering. I was running months before they thought I would be.” – John Dixon, Phoenix, AZ

“These guys are super funny, outgoing, and overall awesome  I wish I could stay but insurance is stupid. I’ll be visiting soon!” – Mykel, Chandler, AZ

“The friendly atmosphere helps in the healing process.” – Thomas M. Kemper, Chandler, AZ.

“I am very pleased I chose CPT. Staff was excellent. They helped me significantly. I will recommend CPT to others.” – Tom Timpone, Chandler, AZ

“Top notch PT! You guys rock.” – Deb Rose, 1996 Olympian, Phoenix, AZ.

“Great staff. First time in therapy and it was great. Comfortable to be here and enjoyable each session.” – Raymond Calderill, Chandler, AZ.

“Knowledgable and caring staff that I would not hesitate to recommend to others.” – Earl Olmsted, Scottsdale, AZ.

“Great business, run by great people! Thank you for helping me get back to a sense of normalcy, and thank you for making the process enjoyable!” – Scott Paul, Chandler, AZ.

“Loved coming down to this place for my therapy. The 3 guys Eric, Derick, and Kyle are just Awesome. Eric is very knowledgeable and chartered a rehab plan and after 3 months I feel a lot better and confident about getting back into doing more physical stuff.” – Vasanth Appaji, Tempe, AZ.

“Very good experience, the whole staff was awesome. I will miss them. Thank you.” – M. Zander, Chandler, AZ.

“Entire staff is very accommodating, understanding, patient and knowledgeable with treatment. I am more than satisfied with results obtained at CPT. Thanks to all!” – Travis Miller, Maricopa, AZ.

“After many unsatisfactory physical therapy sessions in the past I was truly pleased to find a therapy/therapist who was so involved in daily sessions. First time I have ever had such personal care.” –anonymous

“My experience at Chandler PT has been life changing for me. I came in with limited movement and pain in my lower back, and left with no limits or pain. The exercises I have been given work great. The entire staff is wonderful to be around, always kept me smiling!” – Deb Powell, Chandler, AZ.

“All staff members are professional and helpful. I feel so much better and positive getting well. Thank you.” – Lucy Royer, Chandler, AZ.

“I had a very good experience during my treatment. They treat everyone equal. Very flexible and patient with me.” – Virginia Rubio, Chandler, AZ.

“I’m very, very happy with my experience at the clinic, the staff made every exercise just for me, they listened to my needs and were always very professional. I left every therapy visit happy and feeling better.” – Lissette Martinez, Chandler, AZ.

“I am very content with the service rendered and the result of the physical therapy treatment. I really like the dry needling and the quick pain relieving results.” – Dorte, Chandler, AZ.

“Good job to Eric and your team” – Antonymous

“Great Experience” – Noah Schwartz, Chandler, AZ.

“I have never had a PT experience like I have had here. I praise all aspects of your practice. I am spreading the name of your practice to everyone I feel can use your treatments! Thank you to everyone who played a part of making a hard working session a success!” – Caren Johnson, Apache Junction, AZ.

“I learned a lot. I will reset my shoulders, tuck my chin & think of you all!” – Joan, Chandler, AZ.

“Both my son and I have been patients here and have both enjoyed and improved greatly from the quality therapy” –Tim Colby, AZ

“I highly recommend Chandler P.T. Informal, friendly, very knowledgeable” –Ben Perkins, AZ

“Thanks Eric. I appreciate all you’ve done to assist me with the healing process” – Tim Miller, AZ

“I loved it. I would recommend it to everyone I know.” – Sabriya, AZ

“As a parent: I was totally comfortable leaving my child in the care of this group of therapists. I would also recommend them to everyone. Thanks for making Sabriya better” – Anne Smith, AZ

“I would highly recommend Chandler PT to anyone needing PT. It is the friendliest and very highly qualified staff. Thanks everyone” – Pat Langley, AZ

“Quality time spent and very helpful, after several other options and doctors and therapists this is very successful” – James Miller, AZ

“Everyone was always extremely friendly and helpful. I will definitely come back if needed in the future” – Lisa Miles, AZ

“I appreciate the knowledge and kindness that I have received here at Chandler PT. Eric was very thorough with my progression” – Yee Wong, AZ

“I highly recommend Chandler PT and Dr. Christensen. Thank you for your patience, understanding, expertise, and the friendly, non-clinical atmosphere.”- Gayle, AZ

“Treatment was excellent. Improvement after each session was noticeable. Along with doing exercises at home I feel my shoulder progressed very well. I feel I am able to do most everything I did before Surgery.” – Barbara J. Hayman , AZ

“I had a wonderful experience at chandler PT because of Eric’s medical knowledge my back condition has immensely improved. I am now able to be a better mother to my son because I am now fully mobile. Thanks PT staff!” – Emily Lucas, AZ

“Chandler physical therapy rocks! Eric is so thorough and very knowledgeable. The staff is very friendly. Look forward to coming to my appointments. Highly recommend.” – Linda Gross, AZ

“Thank you for your time.” – Ernest Vasquez, AZ

“This was a great experience. I am so happy with Ashley and how she helped me gain my mobility. She pushed me, encouraged me, was perfect in how she rehabbed my total knee replacement!” – Heidi, AZ

“You are the best therapists that I have ever had and I have seen many over the past 40 years!!!” – Leslie Berkey, AZ

“Always a pleasure to come be in pain to reduce the pain  Thank you all always!“ – Rena, AZ

“Amazing staff, great work environment. I actually enjoyed coming. Thank you!” – Kelsey Scott, Chandler, AZ.

“Staff very knowledgeable and encouraging. Great to see such progress in short time. Staff great at answering questions. So I knew the WHY of doing certain exercises.” – Linda Hart, Tempe, AZ.

“This is one of the best Physical Therapy that I had; excellent experience. Very quick improvement. I like the way Eric did analysis before he started my therapy. I feel like he knows what he is doing, his expertise are excellent. All the staff are also very caring and loving and are encouraging the way they take care of the elderly people. I always feel like looking forward to come here, you feel like family. I am glad I feel better, but at the same time I feel sad I am going to miss them all. Thanks for everything.” – Sreedevi, Phoenix, AZ.

“From the beginning I swore I was going to need surgery, but after several treatments I could feel life coming back into my arm, wrist, and hand. I highly recommend Chandler Physical Therapy and their staff to all!” – Greg Jennings, Gilbert, AZ.

“We love Chandler PT, all staff are great!!!”

“Eric and Ashley have done a great job locating reason for the pain and offered excellent therapy to improve my quality of life. They also connected personally so you don’t feel like a number and patient code. Gracias Chandler Physical Therapy J” – Faith Perez, Phoenix, AZ.

“Friendly staff, fun atmosphere, and continuous improvement throughout therapy. Beyond satisfied with my results.” – Tawnie Studer, Mesa, AZ.

“The best I ever had J Thank you, I’m going to miss you all L” – Monica Chambrello, Phoenix, AZ

“My Therapy helped me a lot with my lower back pain. Friendly environment, caring staff.” – Sheila Eiseman, Chandler, AZ.

“Friendly, fun, know how to make themselves and their patients smile. Evidently passionate about their jobs, the people they work with, and helping their patients heal and feel better. I would have dreaded physical therapy if it had been any other facility.” – Samantha D’Sa, Chandler, AZ.

“I came a long way. Very personable. Will recommend you.” – Char Applen, Phoenix, AZ.

“Excellent atmosphere and fun while having pain. Made the appointments bearable and I noticed progress after a shorter period of time than what my ortho doc predicted. Very effective team of professionals.” – Debbie, Phoenix, AZ.

Never dealt with nicer, more compassionate, or professional team.” – Dr. Roberts Harris Chandler, AZ

Everything was fine!” – Paula Cunningham Chandler, AZ

I have had remarkable success with my P.T. The therapist shared exercises to do at home which helped me tremendously! Thanks.” – Kathleen Minitti Chandler, AZ

I couldn’t of been where I am now without coming here and getting therapy!” – Veronica Garcia Mesa, AZ

Overall experience was great. Eric was very professional and showed a wealth of knowledge concerning treatment techniques. I learned many good exercises to do on my own and will continue to do so. Derick is a professional and was very helpful. Ashley does a great job!” – Marilee Wingate Chandler, AZ

I really appreciate Eric’s approach to the entire problem and all that is affected by the problem. There is clearly a plan to his approach and the successful result of treatment shows this. I recommend this office to anyone who asks. Eric and Derick are a great team.” – Kathy DeBoer Chandler, AZ

These guys were really great to work with they make my therapy fun and keep me laughing and are very encouraging! Thanks for the great experience!” – Teri Herb Tempe, AZ

This was my 1st P.T. Experience and it was wonderful and better than I thought it would be. Both Eric’s are very nice and professional, they are willing to answer any questions with explanation so you understand why, how, etc. I was greatly helped for my pain, thank you!” – Linda Devlieger Chandler, AZ

As much as therapy hurt and was so intimidating, after surgery I enjoyed therapy each visit! Looking forward to therapy is awesome and great for motivation and results. Had a great time, in a great and fun environment. Eric and Derick are a wonderful team and Kyle a great addition. Thank you for getting me back to good again!” – Rena Goodmiller Chandler, AZ

I am grateful for the care received. They were all patient, knowledgable and thorough with their care. I have and will recommend this facility to my friends. Eric and Derick are the best P.T.’s that I have ever had in the many years of therapy that I have had.” – Leslie Berkey Chandler, AZ

This is the third time I have returned to Chandler Physical Therapy. Treatment is consistent and effective.” Phoenix, AZ

Thank you! Initially I was uncertain as to how therapy could help my condition, I am very pleased and recognize and believe that therapy has had a significant impact on my overall improvement. I am very happy.”

Thanks for all your help 🙂 I will miss you all!” – Lisa Wood Chandler, AZ

Personable, friendly, professional.” – Gayle Huston Gilbert, AZ

Great staff and great knowledge I also see tremendous improvement and feel they truly care about my condition and want me to be successful.” – Kathy DeBoer Chandler, AZ

Great staff and facility” – Norma Macias Chandler, AZ

Eric, Derick and front staff were always professional and courteous. A great outcome to a debilitating injury. Thanks” – Dennis Mahr Chandler, AZ

No complaints” – Ola Faye Bali Gilbert, AZ

I appreciated the eye for detail; the variety and increasing difficulty of exercises; the courtesy and friendliness of the entire staff!!!” – Karen Adamson Chandler, AZ

Eric takes his time and is very knowledgeable.” – Chad Williamsen

As an LMT that worked with PTs for 2 years, I was not interested in a run-of-the-mill PT. Eric’s knowledge, full body assessment, and hands-on involvement in my treatment made this an exceptional and enjoyable experience, and was anything but run-of-the-mill :)” – Melissa Voight Tempe, AZ

Life is a garden dig it!” – Richie Ahwatukee, AZ

Satisfied with progress.” – C. Werkhoven Chandler, AZ

Due to my experience at these therapy sessions and how I feel today I am now an advocate of physical therapy and would definitely recommend this facility.” – Heidi Highsmith Chandler, AZ

This was a very positive experience. Eric and Derick are very knowledgeable. I would recommend them.” – Gretchen Lohman Chandler, AZ

Wonderful focus and knowledge! I’ve learned so much in a short time. You surpass all my experiences with therapy. Besides functional/technical skills – you are genuine humans and share your selves freely. I would recommend you without reservation. Thank you for such excellent personal care.” – Carol Hunter Scottsdale, AZ

Both Eric and Derick were excellent. Both are friendly and professional. Both were attentive at all times. Thank you both of you.” – Vicki Martin Chandler, AZ

I found a great therapy and treatment facility that I have already shared with a friends son and I will be back if the need arrives again. Thanks Eric and staff.” – Ron Grounds Chandler, AZ

This was a very positive experience and I was able to receive the results I was looking for, thank you so much.” – Christine Marlow Tempe, AZ

Eric and Derick are great, nice, friendly, knowledgeable, comfortable to be around (they put you at ease) and very good at what they do. I have and will continue to refer people here.” – Linda Devlieger Chandler, AZ

I am very happy about the treatment given to me and happy about the facility. Please keep it up. I will definitely recommend to my friends.” – Manjit Singh Chandler, AZ

Eric and Derick are a great team and make everyone feel great!” – Cristina Davis Gilbert, AZ

Very personable, whole staff made the experience enjoyable. Thanks.”

Walking is much improved. Pain is greatly lessened.” – Dale Huss Chandler, AZ

Very friendly. Excellent treatment by Eric. With the exercises I can do on my own I should be able to control the dizziness.” – Mary Jane Dundas Gilbert, AZ

Great place, will highly Recommend it.” – George Tihanyi Chandler, AZ

Very good at explaining procedures and conducting things a person should be doing. Everything was excellent. A very satisfied patient. Thanks for everything.” – Don Rothstein Phoenix, AZ

Eric and Derick are the “Best” they knew what they are doing. I will miss them very much.” – Betty Boop Rappazo Chandler, AZ

I am excited that my arm/elbow feels so much better and that I feel confident that the problem won’t re-occur. I enjoyed my experience and therapy here.”

Everything in this office is excellent and would highly recommend to all my friends and relatives. I am glad that I feel better after all the time I spent of Eric and Derick. I really appreciate everything.” Lourdes Cozard, Chandler, AZ

I would recommend and return to this facility if I have issues.” – Dung Sewell

Keep up the good work.” – Ileana Huss Chandler, AZ

Everyone here is very nice and I enjoyed my experience very much. Thank you for everything :)” – Kimberly Cramer Chandler, AZ

Real satisfied with results after only 3 visits.” – Mark Buessino Ocotillo, AZ

Very positive experience professional, friendly, and very helpful.” – Art Garlieb Phoenix, AZ

Thanks for all your hard work, help and concern.”

Excellent service.” – Roy M.

They were very supportive and encouraging! Gave good suggestions at work. Worked and communicated with my physician and me.” – Anne Cebula

Eric gave me such a positive feeling for P.T.’s. He was great!” – Jill Allison

I had a wonderful experience. Everyone was professional and friendly. I am extremely pleased with the therapy I received and the huge improvement in my condition.” – Julie Swanson Chandler, AZ

Excellent service and therapy.” – Shane O’dwyer Chandler, AZ

I had such a great time. I looked forward to coming in and getting to work. Thanks to all the guys I’m starting to actually care about my bones! Haha like working out and walking.” – Samantha Gersztyn Scottsdale, AZ

Eric, Derick and Kyle made this experience so easy and enjoyable. They all motivated me and made me feel like they truly cared about my progress and how I felt every week. I feel so much stronger than when I started.” – Nicole Lowery Phoenix, AZ

Eric was very good at explaining and treating my muscle issues. My goal to be able to play softball again was met. I am very happy with the results. Thank you Eric, Derick, And Kyle. Great Experience! :)” – Jenny Robbins Chandler, AZ

They were very professional” – Thomas M. Campbell Chandler, AZ

Everything was excellent.” – Tristan Chandler, AZ

Out of all the Physical Therapy and assistance I have gone to, you are the best. I evaluate by how aggressive and personal you are with people.”

Great job man!” – Brooke Varney Chandler, AZ

I feel so much better after going through physical therapy. My pain and discomfort greatly decreased and I’m very happy with the results.” – Maggie Sullivan Chandler, AZ

This is my second time here. Both very helpful. The treatments improved the way I feel and my level of activity 🙂 Thanks” – Tali Rahat Chandler, AZ

Doing therapy here was fun and awesome because they helped me to get back to walking quickly and getting back to being healthy.” – Chloe Fraley Chandler AZ

Great job!!” – Prapanna Tiwari Chandler, AZ

I’m impressed with the staff friendliness and advanced knowledge of the therapy I needed to get back on my regular activities.”

Felt like I learned so much about what I can do to help myself. Thanks!” – Michelle Meyer Gilbert, AZ

I’ve gotten so much better since I started. My improvement has shown. The atmosphere around the facility is excellent. I don’t feel too pushed and I feel comfortable here.” – Jessica Mark Chandler, AZ

You guys are great! Thanks for everything!” – Katie Lange Phoenix, AZ

Staff was very friendly! I enjoyed coming to therapy and felt like they met my needs exceptionally well. I would recommend them to anyone and if I ever need to return to therapy I’ll be coming here.” – Terese Keough Chandler, AZ

Good bunch of guys.” – Arnold Wilson Chandler, AZ

Staff are awesome and very professional.”

Outstanding experience! Very pleased with my progress.” – Jeff Edris

The treatment was excellent. I recommended this facility to good friends. I feel so much better.”– Gladys Anderson Sun Lakes, AZ

She has been great at helping me with recovery!” – Joseph Acuna Chandler, AZ

The staff are personable and makes the customer feel comfortable. Thank you.”

Excellent, caring staff; professional and a team that conveys a genuine patient centered focused.”– Sylvia Domagalski Chandler, AZ

Thank you for treating me you guys are awesome.” – Amanda Dolenar Chandler, AZ

Excellent service” – Roy Maxted Chandler, AZ

Total therapy a very useful and enjoyable experience.” – Art Garlieb Phoenix, AZ

This whole experience was great. Everyone is friendly. Knowledgeable and thorough. Thank you!”

Good Job!” – Jeff Prior Chandler, AZ

Very Good!!!!” – Brandon Grady Chandler, AZ

Eric is the best therapist I ever had 🙂 everyone is great!”

Always have had great experiences here. Thank you :)” – Linda D. Chandler, AZ

Excellent service. You guys fixed me up. 5 stars!” – Johnny Fox Chandler, AZ

Happy to be here. Friendly and most importantly very skillful team.”

All staff very friendly and helpful” – Kathleen Gearhart Chandler AZ

Wonderful service! I feel so much better. Thank you guys so much :)” – Patrice Phoenix, AZ

Fun and friendly staff. After leaving PT, I felt the best I had felt all week long.” – Derek Taylor Chandler, AZ

Awesome” – Dixon Begay Chandler, AZ

Friendly people and good environment.” – Alex Gilbert, AZ

Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff. Excellent job of identifying problems and fixing them!”– Alana Condon Scottsdale, AZ

Very great therapist and workers. Helped me out a lot.” – Chandler Fraley Chandler, AZ

I am so thankful that I was referred to Chandler Physical Therapy. My time here has been so helpful in the rehabilitation of my shoulder. I am confident that it will be 100% back to normal since all the exercises taught to me are easy to do at home. Thanks so much for making me not feel like I have old lady shoulders anymore :)” – Megan Scottsdale, AZ

You are awesome!! 🙂 Thanks so much. I hope I don’t have to see you again but if I do I know where to find you.” – Michelle Gilbert, AZ

Eric Derick, and Kyle were great. I would definitely recommend others to come here for therapy!”– Tim Calhoun Chandler, AZ

Excellent experience.” – Bill Woodroffe Phoenix, AZ

Therapists very relaxed, work well as a team, friendly, and have good time management skills even with several people in the same facility. Very aware to change a routine or exercise if pain occurs or is difficult. Therapy and exercises different each session which is nice! Keeps therapy from being dull each time. Eric is very knowledgable. Derick is very good and petient in helping me do exercises correct if I was doing incorrectly. Kyle is efficient and helpful with questions. Calls returned in timely manner; the reason I came to this facility. Had left messages with several facilities. Great staff!”– Kelly Orr Phoenix, AZ

Was able to quickly determine problem areas and explained things to improve my condition in an understandable manner and am very happy with the results.” – Earl Olmsted Tolleson, AZ

They all make you feel they have your interest and overall wellness at heart.” – Mary Kaye Chandler, AZ

Great environment and staff! I will miss the friendly banter of the staff. They really care about their patients.” – Sandra McNatt Chandler, AZ

The Friendliness, courtesy and professionalism shown at this facility makes this office my one and only. I will definitely refer everyone I know! I have never felt so welcome at any office I have attended!” – Kathleen W. Chandler, AZ

Dear, Eric, Derick, and Kyle, thank you so much. I have improved so much since I’ve been here. You are awesome.” – Madison Chandler, AZ

I was extremely pleased with my therapist and therapy. The hints regarding starting to walk by using my stronger foot and controlling the nerve pain to the foot were worth their weight in gold! I would certainly recommended Eric and his staff to anyone.” – Connie Smyer Phoenix, AZ

You guys are awesome! Thank you so much.”

Great job. I would highly recommend you guys.”

I was very happy with any overall treatment.”

Eric, Derick and Kyle were great. They made getting better a very easy process. I appreciated their help and would be happy to refer anyone to Chandler Physical Therapy. Thank you!” – Laura Ishmael Chandler, AZ

I’ll be back.” – Brad Sullivan Chandler, AZ

Thank you for helping so much.” – Marge Rosenkrans Chandler, AZ

Very good and thorough.” – Bob Jatho

Taught me the importance of continued stretching exercises at home for health maintenance as I am aging. Very significant improvement in my condition. Thanks to all the staff!” – Linda Hart Gilbert, AZ

Extremely happy, everyone included always goes over and above for overall care and safety, they are the best, they rock, I would highly recommended your services.” – Lynn Jackson Chandler, AZ

Have used facility before, returned because of staff – will return again if I need PT again.” – Kathleen Gearhart Chandler, AZ

Could not be happier with the results I had which have allowed me to go from limited mobility in my shoulder and knee, back to a point that all pain has been eliminated and have my mobility back. As an additional plus I am able to leave with an abundance of knowledge to help with preventative maintenance.” – Earl Olmsted