Core Concepts

  Did you know that the average head weighs around 12-15 lbs?  Did you also know the more your head falls forward, the heavier that load gets?  What that simply means is that an upright posture puts the least amount of stress on your neck, while looking down at your […]

Neck Pain and Phone/Computer Work

    Sleeping Away Neck Pain What is the best sleeping position for your neck pain?   Awareness of sleeping position is an important part in minimizing neck pain. There are two positions that are ideal for your neck: Sleeping on your side Sleeping on your back   Although it […]

Neck Pain and Sleeping Positions

We had a wonderful workshop- if you missed it catch the replay above. Unfortunately, the hands on portion got cut off, you can check the techniques in the FREE Online Course HERE. Chandler Physical Therapy is here for you – if you have any questions, or wonder if this might […]

The Breathing Connection Workshop

Do you know how to BALANCE a check book? Do you struggle to find a work-life BALANCE? Do you know about the US government system of checks and BALANCES? Are you familiar with the story of baLANCE-elot of King Arthur’s Court? Okay, that last one was absolutely awful but are […]

Balance – do you need it?