Tendonitis or Tendonosis? What’s the difference? Just like back pain, knee pain and neck pain, “tendonitis” is also something we as therapists see on a regular basis, whether it is the shoulder, elbow, ankle or foot.   Let’s use plantar fasciitis as an example.   If we break the word down, plantar […]

Tendonitis or Tendonosis?

Picture this. You’re out shopping. Thankfully, you found some amazing pieces of clothing that you’re dying to find out if they fit so you can spend your hard earned money on them.  You’re ready to go try some things on in the changing rooms and when you step into the […]

Don’t get stuck in the….Poo.

I’ll admit. I hesitated to join this course initially (after listening to Paul Gough and why I can’t decide on anything, I now understand why…). It wasn’t for the quality of the speakers – all of whom are near and dear to my heart on twitter and, as the kids […]

The Patient Experience – Review

  Today we talk about lower crossed posture – this can cause low back pain, neck pain, hip pain, and much much more. This is the first video in a series of management tools for this dysfunction. Chandler Physical Therapy was established in 2012. We are different from other clinics […]

Lower Crossed Posture – The Basics.